January 13th, 2011


Running and us

I am enjoying and treasuring this cool January that we are blessed with! It's the perfect time to hop back into running after the holiday season and that's what I have been trying to do.

I did my third run for the year yesterday evening and I felt great throughout. I think I'm back! It felt a lot easier than the previous night, I was running at a good pace and even he noted that I was on a runner's high.

We managed to keep a conservation every now and then which was good and this came up mid-way -

A: So what was the first thing that you liked about me when you first met me?
B.T: Athletic people have this certain glow about them. You had that.


I love running so much, I don't think I can ever date a guy who doesn't appreciate it. He doesn't have to run the same amount as I do, but at least not frown when I do. I remembered running with him when we were still hanging out as friends. He was trying to impress me back then and when we first met up for a run, I almost giggled at his get-up of a cotton cut-off tee and basketball shorts. He said I whipped his ass the first time (and last).

I was later amused by his running routine on the roof-top - loops of 200m. I would sit on a chair and watch in bemusement. But I did think then that he had some sort of running potential. That running routine soon died off after he injured his knees for running in a clockwise direction continuously and we started running outdoors again.

I think later that year, I did his first half with him but I hardly trained and landed up slowing him down with cramped calves. We ran across the line (rather me hobbling), hand in hand. I don't know how I even convinced him to sign up for the NYC marathon but we did and finished our first marathon - not together. He was way too fast for me and seemed to pick it up easily. He has the long legs, the stamina and the mental to race good and well. I was like a little hamster beside him.

I was probably the one that got him started in serious running but ironically, he's the one that lands up motivating me and better at it. Today, he's the one to tell me that I'm not running hard or fast enough. He definitely doesn't love running the way I do and it's quite annoying that he's rather good at it but I'm the one that's average and totally into it.

They say that a couple that plays together stays together and if you have common interests, you will bond. It felt so last night as we ran side by side, he obviously slowing down to let me catch up. We don't need to share everything in common and function like Siamese twins but I do treasure the fact that he runs with me and that we have accomplished quite a bit together.

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The big boo boo

I made such a big boo boo earlier on that I think I need to dig a hole to hide in now.

I was waiting for my friend C to pick me up for lunch. This isn't the first time that he'd picked me up and I'm really bad when it comes to recalling the type, make and color of the car even if I have sat in it several times. I decided to go down earlier to wait and this army green SUV pulls up. Confident that it was him, I happily walked up to the front passenger, looked inside the car window and got a shocked when the guy I saw, definitely wasn't C -_-

Now there was a group of guys behind me that were waiting for their friend to pick them up. Yes, that very same car. They were surprised when I instead walked up towards the car. They all started laughing when they realized that I'd made a mistake. I was so embarassed, I hurriedly walked off and stood by the side. The cheeky guys started teasing, one went, So are you coming into the car with us? Another grinned at me and said, You liked what you saw?


I was sooooo embarassed.

Thankfully, no one else was around otherwise it would have been worse. C rocked up shortly, and guess what? He'd changed his car to a totally different WHITE car -_- A good thing no one was around otherwise they would have thought I was totally bonkers or something!

With my poor face recognition, I probably won't be able to recognize the group of guys again. I just HOPE they aren't working in the same building but I'm guessing, most likely.. yes. Sigh. And why oh why did I choose to wear my Nike mid tenkays, which are so easily recognizable? I think I shan't wear them for awhile lest I be remembered. But I think they'd probably put two and two together and guess this dodo came from the Swoosh.

The catch-up with C was great. I like how we met through triathlons and training together and it's been such a long time since I stopped but yet we have managed to keep chatting via MSN and meet up regularly for lunch. It's a real pity I'm unable to make it for his wedding which I'm sure will rawk judging by the very cool invite that he posted to me earlier on. I'll post a picture on that shortly but meanwhile, argh, I wished I could make it! This is definitely one wedding I was looking forward too especially when I was one of the very few that he confided into when he was planning the proposal and I was giving him ideas.. He's pretty disappointed too but I promised a cool gift for his house since he chose that over an ang pow :P

A: So what do you need for your house?
C: Anything! We haven't got much for it yet!
A: Do you have a wedding registry?
C: Eh no. Anything will do really.
A: -_- Okay at least tell me the color scheme of your house?

So I'm going to have fun shopping for a nice gift - I wished I'd thought of that whilst I was in Hong Kong!!!

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Healthy fuel boosters

I rarely read magazines and usually grab ones from the States whenever I'm there. However, once in awhile I'll borrow the magazines from the Marketing team and browse through it.

I picked out the December Shape issue mainly because my friend had written an article inside. Another article caught my eye which was worth sharing - (picked out only those that were relevant to me)

Pre-race booster -

Smoothie made with 1 cup of coconut water, 1/2 cup of tart cherry juice, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1 frozen banana and 2 teaspoon of flaxseed oil.

Coconut water is rich in potassium which helps prevent cramping, tart cherry juice helps reduce inflammation, blueberries adds flavor and antioxidants to help post-race soreness, banana is a good source of digestible carbs and flaxseed oil helps in breathing and is high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Pre-long haul flights -

110g grilled salmon seasoned with 1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger, 1 cup of steamed kale, 1 baked sweet potato and 1 apple.

Salmon helps to boost the immune system and fighting off viruses whilst ginger calms the stomach. Steamed kale and sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A which protects the mucus membrances in the nose which is the body's first line of defense against bacteria. The apple will help keep hunger pangs at bay and has 4g of fibre that can increase the production of virus-fighting anti-inflammatory proteins.

*Information taken from Shape Magazine Singapore, December 2010 "Eat Right" p122-124

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Franc franc

I remembered Franc franc because I got a cute lunchbox that came with a black elastic band to keep the cover in place. It's from Japan but doesn't quite look like a Japanese store and perhaps a much smaller version of say Crate and Barrel. We found exactly what we were looking for here, just one item, but oh my, it was sweet victory after searching for so looong.

Franc franc
S01-03 & S08-12, 2/F
Hang Lung Center
2-20 Paterson St
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
+ (852) 3427 3366

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