January 12th, 2011

Ah Wee


One of my buddies and his fiancee came over the weekend for a really casual dinner. It was a bit of an impromptu affair so we didn't go all elaborate. B.T made the pasta while I tried out a new mushroom soup recipe! At first I almost freaked out when the soup turned out all watery and decided to thicken it with flour. I forgot that if you leave it aside for awhile, it will actually thicken on its own. Anyway, it turned out great though I think the butternut squash soup was better! At least, we have an alternative.

I've written down the recipe for the mushroom soup below the cut :)

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Striped and blocked

When I first started shopping online years back, I was always conservative in what I ordered. No bottoms, swim wear or fitted stuff and went for the safe buys. As I got my savvy and familiar with the brands, it got easier. I usually buy dresses, even capris, skirts and tops - everything.

I got my first swim suit online recently. I was hesitant at first but reminded myself that most good brands have good fitting and cut. So I ordered this sexy but cute looking color blocked MBMJ bikini and crossed my fingers!

Silly me misread and didn't order the bottom which comes separately SO I'd to make another order. It was a blessing in disguise because I decided not to get the matching bottom and just went for one of the same range and hoped it would match!

Here it is! It fits to a T so I'm mighty pleased :) I guess it might be time to retire my old bikinis that I've been using for 6.5 years now?!?!

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