January 11th, 2011



I am not an avid or expert tea drinker but I do enjoy a good tea every now and then. My favorites are the loose tea versions and it's usually green tea or white tea that I prefer. I've sipped the tea from TWG before and love it, even the ones in the tea bags! I recalled the time when I flew to Melbourne on the luxurious Singapore Airlines A380 on business class, I was extremely delighted to learn that they served TWG on board.

According to a dessert loving colleague of mine, the macarons from TWG are scrumptious. However, I'd heard otherwise from a few others. Since I was around the area, I decided to sample a few and here's my verdict -

Great concept of incorporating the tea flavor into the macarons however it doesn't quite work for all. I wouldn't say it's totally bad but it's definitely not the best that I have tasted. It was slightly too sweet and the filling too moist and much. The only one that I ended up enjoying was the blackish looking one. You see, I couldn't even distinguish the flavors which isn't a good thing!

I'm considering attempting to bake macarons but will see if that eventually manages to materialize :P

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Fois Gras was one of the only few worth mentioning

Girabaldi has been around for quite awhile now but I have never felt the desire to check it out despite the raving reviews as I felt that it was likely one of those over-hyped expensive places.

I had a chance to dine there recently for a related work lunch and well though some of the dishes turned out quite good, I wasn't overly impressed. Some say that one should never order the special of the day as it's usually made of the excess ingredients that need to be used up quickly. How true this is, I don't really know but so far, the specials of the day have always turned out fine for me.

I ordered the special pasta which was a tortellini crab pasta. It sounded really good with the hints of orange and citrus but it turned out quite the opposite. The crab tasted really fishy and the sauce seemed to be a mis-matched. I ate barely half of it and left it aside. My other colleague who ordered the same dish felt the same too and left his almost untouched. So it wasn't just me with perculiar taste buds! The fois gras was smooth and silky so that was a thumbs up but there were a few other dishes that had the thumbs down so overall, we left feeling that it wasn't as great as hyped.

We ordered a round of desserts - tiramisu, panna cotta and chocolate lava cake. The tiramisu was weird with a biscuit like center. In fact, I didn't think that it resembled tiramisu. I did enjoy the chocolate lava cake as the hazelnut ice cream was good but the cake was slightly dry so though it was good overall, it wasn't the best that I have had. The best and clear winner was the panna cotta. Extremely wobbly, resembling 'tau huay', smooth in texture and just right in taste.

I guess I could say that I was slightly disappointed. Slightly because I wasn't expecting anything great but disappointed at the raving reviews about it. I have to mention that service here is great though. None of us mentioned or complained about the food. As the waiter cleared our plates, we were asked if the food was alright as it was half un-eaten. So we honestly said that 'it was fishy tasting'. That was all. We were pleasantly pleased to be give a complimentary cake and lemon sorbet (palate cleanser) and the charges for the two plates of pasta were waived. The cake wasn't good but it was the thought that counted so it was still a nice gesture.

Nice decor and good service but don't expect to get what you pay for..

36 Purvis Street
Singapore 188613

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One more to the list

Resolutions aren't only about the serious but also the frivolous. I saw a chick who was rawking hot in her high heels and LBD that I though to myself, Darn heels really make your legs look sexier!

So I'm adding one more to the list -


I won't be strutting in them daily as they shorten your calf muscles and are bad for runners so perhaps twice a week!

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