January 5th, 2011


Mid-week vanity

Love the color of the box

Metallic greenish silver

Brandless tee from BKK, JCrew pant and skinny belt, PInc earrings, Accessorize necklace, Lanvin flats

It's shocking how it's already the middle of the first week of 2011! Admittedly, I'm still in a bit of a holiday mood but that should shake off by next week.

Proud to say that I didn't shop much in Hong Kong except for two pairs of shoes (1 was a gift) and another LBD and some house stuff.

I still like Hong Kong but I think the appeal for me has faded a little. Too cluttered and the vibe makes me feel as though I'm in China and food seemed pricier - or we ate at the wrong places though our friends who brought us out for meals have lived there for almost a decade and even B.T who used to live there finds it more expensive.

Anyway, the trip was relaxing so the aim was achieved so I'm back to regular programming till I start my 2011 travels which might kick off earlier than I'd like it to -_-

Got my first pair of Lanvin flats at 50% off so it was quite sweet and as some friends have mentioned, it is comfy. Strangely though, my slightly smaller right foot is experiencing some biting at the back of the heel.

Since most of my pants don't fit and I decided that it wasn't worth altering the sizing, I've been on the lookout for a well fitted cut-off pant. Had my eye on the ones from Gap but my sizing has to be pre-ordered and it takes a few months!

On my last trip to Portland, I finally found a pair that fits at JCrew. It was on a discount too :) Score! It's flat front with a side zip and made of a slightly stiff but comfy material. A belt loop is available which is great since some don't have that.

I love the fit and it's not so tight that can't eat more at lunch! I can wear it slightly cuffed up or full length and it goes well with flats or heels. I've learnt something about jeans and pants - don't get it too loose but fitted as most expand or stretch a little once you wear it!

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my T by AWang cardi which is not exactly a cardi as it's a lot heavier and warmer and fairly thick! Great alternative to a jacket though :)

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On a rainy day

Before - few days back

She says - I hate yooou

Best way to recycle the Christmas hamper decorations :p

My trusty foldable flats

This annoying downpour has thwarted my plans to run :( I'm eager to get back into running and back to the regime but Grrrr.

So that leaves me with nothing to do but to stare at the Rug and heh, I found a way to recycle those Christmas hamper decorations :p

Meanwhile, I'm utterly relieved that I packed in my Gap city flats foldables! Would suck to get my brand new shoes soaked. I still maintain that this is the best rollables or rather foldable since it folds into half.

Although it's slightly less compact compared to the rest, the soles are sturdy so walking in them is more comfortable and it's not too thin. The soles don't get too dirty and it just needed a quick wipe with a paper towel after walking in the downpour! Love 'em!

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Christmas dinner at Serratto

It feels kinda strange writing about Christmas and NYE's affairs when it's long over but I've been all over the place from Jakarta to Bangkok to Portland to Hong Kong and have been lazily blogging from my iPhone. But I'll start writing about them soon - I hope!

Before I left Portland, I had an early Christmas dinner celebration with TS, D and some other new folks. It was over at Serratto which is nestled in the cozy corner of my favorite neighbourhoods in Portland. I mean, if I ever shifted to Portland, that'll definitely be one of the hoods that I'll consider getting a place in :) Mediterranean food is served here but it felt more like French fused with Italian!

The restaurant was utterly warm and cozy and was packed with diners by the time we strolled in. I love how restaurants here don't feel exactly like a restaurant but more homely and friendly served with smiles and good food. The french onion soup that I had didn't disappoint and it thankfully wasn't too salty and as I've been in a ravioli mood of late, I ordered my 2nd or 3rd ravioli (during this trip) and it was stuffed with butternut squash, arugula and pine nuts and sitting in a puddle of maple sage cream. I was too stuffed by the end of it all that I actually skipped dessert!

It was a great night. Met some new faces, exchanged some contacts and I hung out with one of my favorite girlfriend, that was easily the highlight of the trip! So the pre-Christmas celebrations in Portland went well and actual Christmas dinner in Hong Kong went fab as well - coming up shortly. :)

P.S I'll get down to writing about my 2010 reflections this weekend, hopefully!

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One Bowerman

Team bonding

The last trip was great. Not everyone was present but we made the best out of it. We did manage to check out at least two new restaurants and in fact I probably checked out at least 4? And though the trip was more hectic than usual, we managed to find some time to chill out.

I missed spending time with some of the boys on the slope at Mt Hood as I was feeling too tired to head up for boarding. But we all managed to find a time and space to do some chit chats and bonding over warm home-cooked food.

I'll say this over and over again, but I do love the people that I work with. And I feel very blessed indeed.

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I keep thinking about TWG tea macarons. I have no idea why since I've never tasted them before! I had macarons twice in Hong Kong and they were both excellent and I'm now thinking of trying to bake them -_-

I wasn't even this crazy about macarons especially when I tried those that were too sweet and poorly done.


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