December 26th, 2010


Leftovers and some running

Boxing day was literally lounging and lazing around. We slept in till 1130am - in fact that's almost a daily thing that we do :p, then A and C put mixed up all the leftovers from last night's Christmas feast of sausages, potatoes, turkey, carrots and cheese to make a turkey pie - shepherd's pie. Delish!

We went for a run, which was more of a jog-walk since we both haven't been running for about two weeks, along Bowen road and it was nice. The weather was slightly nippy today but we warmed up quite quickly.

It's been quite a different Hong Kong trip so far, I've only bought a pair of Lanvin flats and small house stuff and that's it! We are looking at buying a really cool clock for The Studio and perhaps one or two more items. Mmmm or maybe I might get into the shopping mood later this week! We've been watching loads of DVDs though - finished 3 seasons of the Brit comedy - theinbetweeners. Absolutely hilarious!

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