December 24th, 2010


The trench

A fashion editor once said that every women should invest in a good trench coat. That statement sealed my decision in putting my money on a Burberry.

I've been searching all over but it's either too long for shortie me or it doesn't fit nicely. Thanks to ZY who suggested that I check out the designer kids stuff, I did and Whoohooo! It fitted.

This Burberry harbourne trench is a size 14Y for 1.58-1.64m tall 'kids' :p It fits me nicely and better than any others that I've tried and the sleeves are still slightly long. I love it loads and it's perfect for spring or early fall.

It's a direct take down of the adult version but at half the price :p One downside is that the belt is shorter so it cannot be knotted and it's sewn on the back -_- I guess, it's to prevent kids from losing the belt! I can unstitch it if I want but I'm too lazy.

That's my investment and I hope I don't get fat now!!

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