December 18th, 2010


I have you and you have me

"It doesn't matter where in the world you stay in, as long as you have good support, the people around you. That makes the difference."

Wise words from the bestie when we were sharing updates. I love how we catch up from where we last left off and the friendship still remains though we are a hundred miles apart. Missed you Tootsie!

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Tin tin shop

I'm not sure how many people here reading this are or know anyone who is a Tin Tin fan. Our Scottish-Chinese buddy is and his house has all kinds of Tin Tin memorabilia. He was totally pleased when B.T brought him to this newly opened shop in Singers when he was visiting. It's really quite cool if you're a fan. In fact B.T wants to get a few poster frames to hang up at The Studio.

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One Bowerman

Team Christmas lunch

My team at work is a very young team and that makes the working environment a lot of fun for the bulk of the time. The Christmas lunch celebration at The Orange Tree had a theme to it which everyone showing up in great spirits. Red, green, gold or silver and with a hat. It was so much fun and once again, I'm grateful for having a fantastic working environment with people that I can get along well with.

I guess that pretty much sums up the work year for 2010 as the office will be officially closed mid next week with most going on leave already! As for me, I might be writing my end of the year reflection post sooner since I'll be out of town for Christmas and the New Year!

P.S I'm supposed to have migrated on a new platform eons ago but the number of entries that I have on travel trips keep piling up and I've not had a chance to work on it. I'm aiming to get it launched by early next year *fingers crossed :P Meanwhile, entries on my recent work trip to Portland and the upcoming trip to Hong Kong to follow shortly!

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