December 17th, 2010


Sequined for Xmas

Jacob top, f21 flats, sequined skirt and hat. Bracelet from FEP, Miu Miu bag and my new Kate Spade iPhone 4 dancing couple cover

It felt strange wearing a silver sequin skirt at 10am in the morning but I was going to a themed Christmas lunch. The dress code was - any combi of red, green, silver and gold. I chose silver and gold with a tinge of red from my lipstick. Oh. We all had to wear a hat too.

I'd to buy part of the outfit during my last Portland trip and with limited time to shop, I grabbed anything available. So this is the outfit and I accidentally cropped out the hat but more pictures to follow later.

By the way, the dinner party was a huge success and my pavlova turned out great with raving reviews from everyone :) as requested, I will be posting the recipe for the grapefruit and avocado salad and the mango pavlova shortly.

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The first house-warming at The Studio

It was an impromptu decision to have my family over for the official first house warming of the house. It was B.T who suggested it and he felt that the house was definitely complete right now - previously, he didn't want anyone over until everything was done! He wanted to at least invite my folks over before we left for HK so we picked a day and we started thinking of the menu for dinner and preparing 2 days before.

We were kinda nervous. We both cook on a regular basis and specialize in different types of dishes but this was our first dinner party and cooking for 6 people is quite different. When The Studio was being renovated, he said that he'll leave it to me to decide on the decorations of the house and was hesitant to change the crockery but now sees how nicely everything ties in. For the dinner menu, I decided on it and they were all dishes that we had never done before (except for the butternut squash soup trial that we did).

Everyone loves the final product of the place - big yay and amazed at how the place has transformed and in fact looks bigger than before. We broke out the new candles, the lighting was warm and dim and B.T was happily demonstrating his new entertainment system. It helped that I did a lot of the preparations for the food the night before so it turned out to be rather relaxing when we cooked except the brief moment when he accidentally burned a little of the soup but it turned out fine. The soup was tasty but we didn't add enough stock so it was more of a puree paste than a soup :P

I was afraid that the attempt to bake the pavlova would be a flop but thankfully it all worked out and I'm very happy with the results. B.T loved it as well and we were surprised at how easy it was to make. The fact that we don't have a proper oven - just an oven toaster, I did estimations on the baking time. Also, we used a regular baking tin instead of a swiss roll tin so the meringue roll wasn't exactly a roll - actually I've no idea how the final product is meant to look like as the recipe came without pictures! The salad turned out fab too and we'll probably be repeating some of these for the next couple of dinner parties to come!

I am really happy that my family loves the place and enjoyed the dinner. The best part is seeing everyone enjoying the food - except that I didn't know that my BIL doesn't eat mangoes or salads but he loved the meringue. And Mudder who text-ed me in the early morning just to tell me that she was really impressed with my culinary skills and the dessert which she loved. Yay! Now I just hope that it isn't beginner's luck and the next few attempts will be even better :P

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The favorite spot

Lounging at my favorite spot

My new brown furry cushion

The L-shaped couch is my new favorite spot and often, I'll be snugged under the throw with Julius on my lap and just enjoying personal time and the new place.

I've just added another pillow to the collection. I mentioned that I was searching for a textured pillow and I couldn't quite describe what I wanted but I knew when I saw it and this brown one quite fitted it. I might look for one last pillow of a different size, shape and texture.

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