December 14th, 2010


Now complete

If there's one thing that I learnt about B.T from the renovation project, is that he's really responsible in getting things done though way too nice to contractors and got bullied a bit! That's where I stepped in and spoke in my best Singaporean Singlish accent to whip their asses back into place. Rarr.

He sweetly promised over our call whilst I was in State side that everything will be done up and I returned to a perfect place except that he left The Studio unswept and cleaned for a week -_-

The home entertainment system was purchased and set up and we don't have cable or tv connection so it's for watching videos, surfing the Net and playing games and music. It's a pretty sweet set up!

He changed the bedsheets so that I could enjoy the new bedding when I got back and it's so luxurious. He being typical man, said I don't feel any difference! -_- sigh

Finally, we have a pre-loved Muji rug in a lovely chocolate color and I'm loving it. Thanks to the sweet reader who contacted me after reading that I was looking for a rug.

And I got my Charlie Brown tree - sort of. It's a variation! Don't laugh! TS contributed her Xmas decorations to me and I lugged it back from Oregon!

It is nice to be back home and dare I say that sometimes the most unromantic geeky boyfriend can be really sweet in his own way when he wants to :)

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Lanvin for H&M

There's so much tulle, this dress actually stands on its own

H&M is really clever when it comes to collaboration. Every collaboration sets the consumers into a frenzy with an almost guaranteed overnight queuing the night before the official launch. I was drawn to the latest Lanvin for H&M collection simply because it embodied what I am currently crazy about - tulle, ruffles and everything froufrou. I was eyeing quite a few pieces in the collection but narrowed down to two and tried to figure out how I could get my hands on it since there isn't a H&M store here.

I was really lucky to have 4 friends offering to help me to get it (thanks guys for the generous offers) and it was quite comical how it all didn't work out. Considering that all were in different locations varying from the U.S to Dubai to Paris and Tokyo, I think it was a bit of fate that I had to get it on my own and had quite a bit of fun in the process of doing so.

Where did I get it from? eBay! Ironically, I've never bought or sold anything on ebay but that idea just popped out. Not surprisingly, there were already posted auctions of the entire collection with some really crazy bidding wars. I had no idea how to work it out so I just played around and started stalking a few of the auctions. I decided to join in with the bids for the fun of it with a maximum amount that I was willing to pay with in mind and checked up on seller reliability before committing to a bid since if you win it, you are legally obligated to fulfill the payment and retracting a bid is quite cumbersome.

Obviously, I got out-bidded on all of my bids because I was such an amateur at it. After losing numerous bids, the competitive streak in me decided that I had to at least win one damn bid. For those that buy and sell on eBay, you know how it works! I kinda figured out the gameplay and started bidding with a strategy in mind. B.T was quite amused and in fact excited when I eventually won this dress.

So no. I didn't pay a crazy amount for it. I paid USD$50 more than the retail price without queueing and having free shipping included with everything that came with it (I think), added in. Some sellers were selling the dress without the garment bag and hanger etc and some were even auctioning off the hangers -_- Uh why would anyone want to buy an expensive hanger??

I am glad the dress turned out quite nicely. It's the smallest size but it's still slightly loose at the top for me and thankfully not too obvious. I'm not really a fan of the olive satin belt that came with it and would most likely use my own black satin belt. Now, I just need a couture wedding or party to go to and I can wear the dress :P

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No. 7

When it comes to personal care products, I don't really stick to just one product all of the time. I do use certain products religiously but switch around or use a couple for the rest.

For me, it doesn't mean that expensive products are necessarily the best. I've been using the No.7 range of products by Boots for a year now and loving it. It is available from most Boots shops (for example the ones in Bangkok) or from supermarkets like Target in the U.S.

Here are some of the products that I've been using -

Eye cream - use it for my travels. It's non greasy and light on the skin and fragrance free.

4-in-1 facial wet wipes - Great for cleaning off makeup without leaving the skin dry, it's scentless and supposedly moisturizers and tones the skin at the same time (hey, it's good to have everything in one package right?). My only gripe is that I wish it had come in smaller packages like 10 pieces in a pack.

High lights illuminating lotion - my latest acquisition on my last trip, I don't wear foundation or pressed powder and I've heard that this gives a natural glow so I'm giving it a try out.

Other products to consider - my friend swears by the beauty serum and I heard the night moisturizing cream is good too.

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Butternut squash soup

I think I've found the perfect recipe for homemade butternut squash soup! I'm not going to eat this at Soup Spoon now :P All thanks to one of my friends who cooked this at the Thanksgiving dinner and it was so good, I asked for the recipe right away.

My family are coming over this week to The Studio for the first official 'house-warming'. It was a last minute decision and we scrambled to figure out what to prepare.

The menu is quite simple and as for now, we are preparing grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon, grapefruit and avocado salad, buttersquash soup and a pavlova which might fail since we don't have a proper oven BUT, I have a backup :P That is marshmallows dipped in melted milk chocolate rolled in rainbow sprinkles and speared with a chocolate coated, crushed almonds Pocky stick.

We made butternut squash soup for the first time and it was such a success! It's thick and really tasty! So I'm sharing the recipe here. I made some modifications so it's not the original recipe and basically, it's a taste as you go recipe!

Butternut squash soup with sun-dried tomato puree - (makes 6-8 servings if it's served as an appetizer and serves 2 if it's meant to be the main meal)

3/4-1 butternut squash (depending on how large it is)
Sun-dried tomatoes pesto
1 stalk of celery (large)
1 small carrot (again, depending on how large it is)
1/4 large onion or 1/2 a small onion (white type)
1.5 cups of chicken stock (we used a Knorr cube dissolved in a litre of water)
1/4 cup cream
1/4 teaspoon curry powder (I didn't measure this actually and just sprinkled whatever I wanted)
Dried thyme/fresh thyme
Olive oil
Black pepper

1) Halve the butternut squash, scoop out the seeds and place cut side up on a baking tray.

2) Season with salt, pepper and thyme and drizzle with olive oil.

3) Bake squash in pre-heated oven at 108 degrees C (we just used the oven toaster!) and bake till it's soft and slightly brown.

4) Dice celery, carrots and onions and in a large pot, stir fry the vegetables till they sweat.

5) Scoop out the flesh of the squash and add into the pot. The squash should be soft enough to be mashed up easily. Mash up the squash while frying it with the rest of the veggies.

6) Add the chicken stock gradually, stir and bring to a boil. Don't add too much and you might not require all of the stock. It depends on how you would like the consistency to be. I like it thick and I used less than the recipe called for.

7) Add the curry powder and if required, more salt and pepper.

8) Puree the mixture till it's smooth and add the cream.

9) Serve with a dollop of tomato pesto.

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