December 8th, 2010


Preppy for winter

2-in-1 shirt from f21, H&M scarf, GStar jeans, Steve Madden suede boots

Winter is not my favorite time to travel but I don't really have a choice when it's for work. It's just the packed flights, delays and bitter cold and wet weather that makes everything a huge hassle.

I'm literally just re-using my base heatech layers and changing the top otherwise there'll be so much to bring along! And the scarves and boots come out of the closet.

I still maintain that summer and autumn are my favorite seasons of the year!

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Valenka boots

I once had a pair of cheap Ugg like boots from a flea market in Seoul. Love it but it was beige and looks really grey right now.

I love wearing boots but it's not practical in humid Singapore. I have about 4 pairs and just added one more to my collection.

The Nike Valenka 2 leather boots reminds
me of a prettier Ugg boot or a suede version of a downplayed gum boot. You can roll down the top for added style and the button and loop closures at the side are cute. According to reviews, this will survive a snowstorm. A trip back to Colorado baby? :p

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