December 7th, 2010



Aglio Olio - turned out well and I finished it

I remember quite distinctly that I used to like Greyhound Cafe and would usually land up there for a meal whilst visiting in Bangkok. I made two trips (not intentionally) to Greyhound - first was disappointing, the second not bad.

It's hard to find a chain of restaurants that are consistent in all outlets. There will usually be some that serve better food than the others and I guess it all boils down to the chef. We visited the outlet at Siam Center and it was overall plain bad. The soup was way too salty, the scallops didn't taste very fresh and the fish was overcooked. I'm not posting any pictures as it's not worth it.

At another outlet, it was way better. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and I was quite satisfied with mine. However, I don't think that I'll crave for Greyhound food anytime soon unless the standards pick up. I just wish that when places get popular, the food standards don't drop which typically happens here.

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More bows

I'm wondering when I'll get over this phase of bows, polka dots, stripes and tulle.

From my favorite local designer - Alldressedup, I almost ordered the first dress (in pewter) from Net-a-porter over the insane Thanksgiving weekend and cybermonday sales (which left me quite broke) but glad that TS persuaded me against it. I tried it on and it didn't look as nice on me. It's funny how TS and I can have a long drawn convo over whatsapp on fashion and sales or running or so.

I was eyeing the second dress since I saw it in the catalogue. But alas! The smallest size PP (petite) doesn't even fit me. As you can tell from the picture, it's way too big on me with a lot of excess material and I was holding it up with my left hand lest it falls down!

Hmm.. Alterations?

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