December 5th, 2010


Christmas decorations

Credit/Apartment Therapy

The Studio, though small, we love it because it is cozy and ultra easy to maintain. Having less space also means that we will hoard less. It is comfortable for two and we have been surviving well in it for the last 2.5 years. OMG I've been living at The Studio for most of my time for awhile now.

I do miss having a larger space at times because I like creating little special spaces - place to read, place to nap etc. Also, dressing up the space during Christmas is a lot of fun with a bigger space. We definitely can't accomodate a tree of any size but there are other ways to deck up a tiny Studio for Christmas. We decided not to this year since we will be away for the holidays.

We spent one Christmas in Tokyo and that was quite lonely with just us two. This year, we will be in Hong Kong with friends so I am looking forward to that for sure.

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