December 3rd, 2010


Piccolo Mondo Ristorante

Potato croquettes

Meat ravioli

I love finding pockets of yummy goodness in food

We were around the Hyde Park area to visit a place of interest and it was nearing noon so we decided that it'll be best if we grabbed a bite. We didn't have many options to choose from and well, actually, I think we only had two. So we strolled into a cozy looking Italian restaurant that went by the name of Piccolo Mondo Ristorante and prayed that food served would taste decent.

There was nothing fancy about the restaurant except that the view outside was rather pretty. Simple tables and chairs with clean white tablecloths and traditional Italian fare offered on the menus. We weren't exactly starving so we settled for a serving of ravioli stuffed with meat and the potato croquettes that were stuffed with cheese. Service is brisk though the waiter seemed slightly sullen, but it wasn't anything unbearable.

The potato croquette turned out well and I think good croquettes are those where the potatoes are mashed till smooth with butter and milk or cream. The herb and cheese added some saltiness to an otherwise bland appetizer. I personally thought that the croquette was better than the meat ravioli which wasn't bad, but nothing overly fantastic.

It's been quite awhile since I had a good meal of Italian pasta. Hmm. Perhaps I should troop down to Pasta Brava sometime soon.

Piccolo Mondo Restaurant
1642 E.56th Street
Hyde Park
IL 60637
+1 (773) 643 1106

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Cats and icon

Lucky cat!

I love the Ronald McDonald's statue in Bangkok :P

If I had to choose between a dog as a pet or a cat, it'll be the former. I love both but dogs behave more like humans. There are certain breeds of cats that I find utterly adorable like the ragumuffin? ragdoll, Siamese and Persian cats.

There is one particular type of cat that I find undearing and that is the lucky cat. B.T got for me a minature one during his last trip to Tokyo and it's just about half the length of my pinky. I was quite amused to see a ginormous lucky cat in Bangkok and promptly tried to take a shot with it. But we were about to leave so it had to be done in a hurry and my flash wasn't fixed on so uh, you can't see me clearly but the cat is.

I like looking for icons in each country. Be it a bridge or structure or even like a Starbucks to see whether it's localized in any way. So far, one of my favorites is the Ronald Mcdonald's in Thailand. Too cute!

Do you have any favorite icons or so that you look out for when you travel?

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