December 1st, 2010



I've always dreamed about sleeping on Egyptian cotton high thread count sheets but didn't want to waste it on a single bed. We were planning to buy two new sets of bedding when my mom offered to get a set for us for Christmas!

Borrowed her member's card and with the promotions, I managed to get one for myself and for my sis! Scored a 30% off discount and mighty pleased with my loot.

I couldn't find an olive green set so that will be bought later but I got a chocolate tonal pattern quilt and lighter khaki sheets. 600 thread is super soft and satin like - I can imagine what 800 is like! And I got some bamboo cotton towel set as well too so we are both happy! Thanks Mom!

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Wild rice, chats, green and bows

I'm shuffling around like a zombie today due to lack of sleep and the fatigue is definitely settling in after having problems falling asleep for a week or so. I think my biological clock is sort of screwy for some reason and it's definitely not jet lag since my last two trips were within Southeast Asia.

The (way) overdue catch-up with A finally materialized and I'm mighty glad that we both made the effort to lock it down into our schedules a week ago :)

I learnt something - when a salad menu states wild rice, it literally means - wild rice. Does that look like a salad to you? I'm glad I didn't get greedy and order a main on top of that! I could barely finish it! That should be classified under a main -_- It was good at least!

On a side note, I'm loving this Miu Miu ad that I saw and more specifically, that green bag. It's such a strong shade of green. I don't think I'll dare to buy because of the unconventional color, but it's definitely cool.

You know, I think getting dressed still half asleep is a bad idea. I OD on the bows. One on my head, another on my wrist, on my feet and forgetting the ones on my pink Miu Miu. *groan

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Mid-week conversations

The team has collectively decided to sign up for a group membership at a hypermart that we frequent and my boss has been tasked to complete the sign-up online. He goes through the rules and regulations and promptly states (as a matter of fact),

People below 5'5 aren't allowed in the store.

I turn and glare at him. Ya right. - I'm 5'2 (barely)

Oh wait. Children are allowed in. So I guess that you'll be fine.

Hur hur hur.

I am amused at the number of corny ways he tries to diss my vertically challenged stature. I have to admit, he's rather innovative and amusing. Oh yes. This is the same boss that 'attempted' to kill knocked me out by accidentally dropping the mannequin's heavy arm on my back while I was trying to fit in the shoes.

Oops! Failed attempt. I need to refund the team their money.

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