November 29th, 2010


His birthday

We had a simple birthday celebration for the boy and he was all smiles as his brother was in town and we enjoyed dinner with him and two close friends. We all decided on Novus as Chef Stefan who did the espuma and dehydration demonstration at ToTT previously is the main chef here. None of us had dined at Novus before so it was a new experience for all.

Novus does a little of molecular gastronomy which really seems to be the new up and coming trend in cuisine. It was nothing like Moto where it was totally full of surprises and unexpected presentations. Instead, Novus uses a lot of espuma techniques i.e. a fair amount of food comes out in the form of foam and some dehydration methods or sous vide cooking style. Taste wise, some were really good but others fair. The foie gras parfait for example was a popular favorite amongst us five whilst others like the soup and honey milk dessert was rated fair.

Perhaps it's just a Singapore culture that service is never really top notch, we did expect a little better service, it wasn't bad but it wasn't worth mentioning either. We did like the surprise take-away gift of a mini cupcake/muffin for each of us but other than that, the food came out longer than expected (we were the only diners except for another table or two). Overall, for the average price of S$90 per person including wine and we had some discounts, it wasn't too bad and I would recommend it but not rave about it for days like I did for Moto and we still do by the way :P

As for B.T, he was just more than happy to spend a quiet birthday amidst the sheer madness of the renovations. I still owe him a birthday gift and he is leaning towards a Tempurpedic body pillow *groan. Happy birthday once again smelly and to many happy days ahead.

Novus Restaurant
National Museum
93 Stamford Road
Singapore 178897
+(65) 6336 8770

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We fell asleep

We were invited by a bunch of friends to enjoy a film together. B.T was the one who forwarded the email onto me and I just went along with it without any inkling on what it was all about.

The film Russian Ark was shot in one take after two unsuccessful attempts. It depicts the Russian Tsar period of Catherine II and Alexandra and that's all I understood of it. Truth be said, after 10 minutes, we both started to think that watching this film was a bad idea and it was a very painful (and boring) 2 hours for us and we did fall asleep (intentionally) midway.

I won't claim to be some art enthusiast or expert. I do enjoy museums and looking at art (not too abstract) and I can't do consecutive viewings for hours. So this film was obviously targeting at a person who enjoy European and Russian history and knows the different Tsar eras ecetera and we were obviously the wrong audience. We came out completely baffled and bored and to us, it was like a tour into a museum (it was St Petersburg where it was filmed with elaborate costumes and ballroom orchestra) and simply put, completely boring and meaningless to us.

As we stepped out of the theatre, our friend declared that it was a fantastic and awesome film and we both looked at each other (trying hard not to laugh) with the exact same thought crossing our minds. Another two shared the same sentiments as us but the rest said it was well done and fabulous. We felt kinda embarrassed and like culture retards but we were frank in how we felt about the film and didn't pretend to enjoy it :P

It was a bit of a waste of two precious hours but we said, at least we had a nap and affirmed that we both share the same taste in movies, films whatnots. And yes, we are definitely going to read the synopsis carefully before we commit to the next film viewing and it was a good thing that the tickets cost $10 each and not anything crazy.

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Ah Wee

With the boys

I lamented that I have not been able to clock in a single run for the past two weeks and decided that rain or shine, I'll do one during lunch time since my schedule after work is packed for the entire week!

I asked the monkey to accompany me for the run and he called the other two along. I was intending to do a slow jog for about 5-6km but they dragged me on and we landed up doing 10km. It was an okay pace for them but I was half dead by the time we reached the half-way point -_- Those 3 might be cheeky but they are really sweet and whenever I fell behind, they waited up for me :)

It was tiring but worth it. My cheeks are all red and I'm finally feeling rejuvenated! The upside in running with the boys is that I'm forced to run at a pace that's beyond my comfort zone *pant pant pant.

Now I'm really looking forward to my massage later on. I've been getting headaches quite often and tightness in my shoulders probably due to the moving of house items etc. And I've not been sleeping well at all! -_-

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