November 28th, 2010


The last few touches

The third cat and final decal of the kitty series :)

We added the last few (but not finishing) touches to The Studio. We finally had time to enjoy it to ourselves as our guest has left. Over dinner (with Thanksgiving leftovers), we cheers to another milestone crossed together.

We have still one more piece of furniture to move out (if you can spot an additional mirrored dressing table in the reflection), negotiating a purchase of a rug (we have two options), getting new bedding which my mom is buying for our Christmas present (dark olive green and grey will be our color options), the specific magazine rack and a flat screen TV (no hurry for this since we both don't watch TV). We decided on monochromatic brown tones and accent colors which we could change out whenever. For example, our accent color is now green but we can switch it around to yellow or orange by changing out the cushions, throw, and bedding. Initially, we wanted red but it looked strange on the couch so we tried out a few colors and landed up with green.

But it feels really comfy right now and we are pleased with the outcome and how we have miraculously managed to increase our storage threefold in this really teeny space and for me, the best part is enjoying a fairly large wardrobe space (we have 6 panels in total) in a studio.

After we have settled in proper, we will start inviting family and friends over for mini housewarmings. As our studio can only accommodate a maximum of 6 people comfortably, it'll need to be done in stages :P First lot will be my family of course!

The L-shaped couch, throw and pillows

This couch was the cause of a whole string of arguments between us two! I, being the more practical one loves L-shaped couches but feels it's more suitable in a larger space and a simple straight couch will suffice. He loves L-shaped couches and insisted one would fit though I begged to differ. After countless debates, he decided to just get one anyway and risk having to send it back and paying for the additional charges -_- It did work out in the end and I do love it but sigh, it was one helluva long conversation over.. a couch.

I love the velvety textured white pillow

I love a couch with numerous pillows of different shapes, textures and sizes. The pillows and felt throw is the accent color and I still want to get a few more - looking for a specific furry like cushion in some wild color! It sounds ridiculous having a throw here in this humid country but our air condition is always mostly on and it's nice lazing on the couch, typing on my macbook (as I'm doing right now), feeling snug under the throw. And it's cozy for naps too. Again, I saw a fluffy furry throw but it was a bit costly.

This is pretty much the space minus the bathroom and kitchen. I did say that it was tiny!

Excuse the current bedding (we haven't had time to buy more matching ones yet). I wanted the accent color to be blue but B.T doesn't like blue for the house -_- So the sheets as mentioned above will be earth tones. I'll be looking at Aussino bedding since my mom passed to me the discount card and hmm, any other suggestions? I might splurge on a high count Egyptian cotton bedsheet!

mobile clip photos

I love taking photos of people, things and places and naturally love having photos around the place. I have some on the display cabinet, some on the desk, and in little places. This one is stuck onto the mirrored wardrobe door and it looks ridiculous hanging randomly in mid-air but I love it. I think having photos around makes a place cozier.

This is our favorite item of the house - the Molecule table which has been converted into a dining table for 6

When your space is small, you'll look for ideas and furniture pieces that can optimize that space. We bought this 9 months ago and it was kept in storage for that length of time! It cost a fair amount but we felt that this Italian made convertible was worth it and it's made of solid wood. We have watched numerous videos on how you can optimize a small space and this certain company makes a range of such furniture (distributed by Molecule).

I love how easily it pulls up into a dining table and the hydraulic system is fantastic (which is what you are really paying for). The hidden storage is great too. We love hidden storages. In our space, we have storage under the window ledge, under the bed, under the couch and under this table :P

Let's dine!

We completed the purchase of all the crockery and I knew specifically what I wanted. It's mostly pristine white square/rectangular plates and bowls with the pop color of green for the soup/salad plates. If we felt like it, we could change out the colors but changing some items and we kept the place mats a standard brown. We are still in need of a center runner for the table.

The crockery is all versatile. The green glasses double up as drink glasses or for desserts like ice cream. The white square bowls double up as soup or salad or oxtail soup type of dishes. The baguette smaller plates will be for serving appetizers or tidbits. We have a number of other servings plates and bowls which can be mixed around too. :)

P.S excuse the wilting flowers! I bought them last Sunday and mighty glad that they are still alive! They cost a mere $3.20 in total and heh, I'll be buying more on a regular basis! I hope sunflowers will be available next!

I guess I've pretty much posted the main parts (or almost all) of the space post renovations. I forgot to take pictures of how the place looks prior but those that have visited it before will know how drastic the changes are.

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