November 27th, 2010


7 confessions

Snagged from Petite Asian Girl,

1) My full name is really long. My actual name stated in my birth certificate, passport and identity card has three names - Andrea Marie plus a Chinese name and of course, my surname.

The 'Marie' is a middle name for the girls on my mom's side so all of us is something-Marie. I have no idea how it came about, maybe it was my half-French Great-grandmother's idea or something or my Granddad who strangely didn't give my mom a Chinese name but my aunt one and made my mom study Malay as a second language but my aunt Mandarin?!

But anyway, this really long name of mine, has caused me a fair amount of grief growing up. Whilst other kids wrote their name in a flash during exams, I spent a longer time writing Andrea Marie Goh _ _ , on every single damn sheet of the paper. I got fed up and made a stamp and stamped my name on each sheet of paper during the exams. No one ever knows how to pronounce my name properly especially those not comfortable speaking in English. It gets butchered or at the doctor's, I'm never called up as 'Andrea' but as 'Marie' or my Chinese name and I always miss hearing my turn. It takes a few calls before I realize that they are calling for me. I'm not intending to let my girl(s) take after the 'Marie' middle name and I'll try to stop at 2 names instead of 3 and the initials for the boy (based on tentative discussions) will be D.T and N.A for the girl.

2) My childhood and long term ambition was to be a doctor. I studied in the triple science course all the way up to junior college but changed my mind when I was applying for my courses. I got sick of doing 9 hours of science lab work in junior college and always being the first and the last faculty to start and end the exams. So I decided that I didn't want to do any course that was related to a lab work of sorts, and landed up selecting Business School. My Dad was pretty disappointed and said that it was a waste of my grades going to Business School but no regrets for me. I do sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I did architecture instead :P

3) According to my parents, they wanted more than 2 but after I was born, I was such a hard baby to handle, they decided that two was enough. I was hyper since I was born and seldom slept and spent a lot of time fretting and crying. Guess who will get her retribution later if she has a baby?

4) I'm in love with my boyfriend, we've gone through quite a fair bit over the last 3 years and the last major cross road of our lives kinda brought as closer together. A relationship is a lot of hard work contrary to what most people think. It's a constant work in progress and it takes great effort from both parties in order for it to work.

5) Never say I'll never do this because I once said that I'll never run a marathon but landed up running two and possibly more. I said that I'll never date annoying Americans and landed up dating a Thai-American, an American and now the current is a born and raised American so :P Be careful for what you don't wish for!

6) I believe in karma. I strongly do. People who wish others ill will only land up causing harm to themselves because what goes around, comes around. It is a lot easier to make peace than to live with hatred in your heart.

7) Pet peeves - people who don't respect the time of others which is something that money can't buy. I don't mind waiting if the reason is reasonable for example being held back by unforeseen work but not because of dallying. People who think that they know you and try to be mean about it - I think that's always so strange. If you don't know me personally, what makes you think you do or what gives you the right to be hateful? Relationship breakers. Whether you try to sow discord or come in between - period. People who are lazy pronouncing the 'h' in words which is quite a Singaporean thing so 'three' becomes pronounced as 'tree', 'through' as 'true', and the use of the word 'revert' in emails.

Anyone wants to do this? :)

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With Lynn and Fur Rug

Friday meet ups

The sissy and BIL came out to meet an have dinner with B.T's brother. Seafood at Jumbo's - slightly overrated but the mini fried buns are good.

Our first and last patronage at Marble Slab - ice creams were good but not worth the prices! Mine was the original with a mix-in of marshmallows and it costs a whopping S$7! The specials cost S$10. It was good but not that good!

A nice friendly round of Agricola at The Studio on our new Molecule convertible table ended the night.

Oh yes. Shopbop is having a Thanksgiving shopping deal with FREE worldwide shipping for orders above USD100! And, great discounts too! Key in BIGEVENT when you check out. I just placed in an order. I'd to restrain myself and removed a few items from my cart including an Alice+Olivia dress *sob. So I just got two items from T by A.Wang.

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Gobble gobble

Thanksgiving is mostly celebrated in the U.S and in Canada, they do celebrate it but on a different day. It falls on the 4th Thursday of November and after that is Black Friday which means massive sales and everyone goes ape crazy. I just did some online shopping myself to leverage on the sales :P

Back to Thanksgiving, I never used to celebrate it but have since we got together. It is his favorite festive event and it's a little like Christmas - loads of good food including turkey but minus the presents. It started off when people from long time ago, gave thanks for a good harvest. Traditional Thanksgiving food includes turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, butternut squash soup and a couple more. He loves it mostly because of the presence of turkey!

Last year, it was rather lonely with just the two of us at Brewerkz. Initially, the plan was to fly back to the States to celebrate it with his family but they weren't going to be around. His brother flew out and together with a group of (half American, half Singaporean) friends, we sat around a large table celebrating Thanksgiving with food cooked by 2-3 of them!

The homemade butternut squash with sundried tomatoes was to-die for (I'm getting the recipe) and the pumpking cheesecake and purchased chocolate fudge cake with honey vanilla ice cream. We had a great time enjoying the company, friendship, some champagne, wines and good food.

What do I have to be thankful about this year? Loads. A happy and healthy family, good health, a good job, friends and x1 smelly bolster. I feel really blessed indeed.

Hope that for those that celebrated Thanksgiving, it was a fabulous one!

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