November 24th, 2010



If you have fine and fly-away hair like I do and have not tried Bumble & Bumble products, this post might be of interest to you.

Much as I love my hair, it gets me frustrated on an almost daily basis. As noted by all the hair stylists that I have been to, I have fine, slightly wavy, non-Asian hair which is bad news in humid places like here. Trying to style my hair requires a lot of hair spray, mousse and pins and when I go to the hair salon, my poor stylist has to deal with my hair that tangles every other minute. I'm just glad that I have a lot of hair otherwise it will look very stringy -_- To add on to the mess, my hair is naturally wavy. I usually land up with flat, fly-away hair and most hair products don't help or weigh it down too much. In fact, I regularly find knots in my hair as it gets all tangled up really easily. -_-

Currently, I use Bodyshop's grapeseed serum and Bedhead girl toy serum (round transparent blue bottle with a green pump) and it somewhat helps. I've started to leave my hair longer so that the hair is naturally more wavy and even if it's messy, it looks fine. However, it still tends to flop after awhile. I got the Bumble & Bumble sea salt spray and have been loving it so far. It gives it more texture and my hair seems fine. It smells good too.

I spent a considerable amount of time surfing the site and discovered a few more products which I have placed an order for. The site offers good tutorial videos on styling for all kinds of hair and you can filter to find products for all hair types. There is a promotion online right now. Free shipping and samples are offered if you spend above USD$50. If you enter 'BLOWDRY' at the checkout point (which I forgot to, *duh), you only need to spend USD$40 to get the free samples. I thought I'll share this for those who might be keen :)

I was told that the Bumble & Bumble range is sold at Changi Terminal 3 (DFS) and you can arrange to pick up the products from a location outside the terminal if you aren't traveling.

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Coffee Beans by Dao

Squid ink pasta

Melted cheese dip

Pomelo salad

Phad thai

Not in any way related to Coffee Beans in Singapore, Coffee Beans by Dao is a cafe that has a fusion of European and Thai style dishes. I like the cafe layout and decor (there are a few branches around Bangkok and I visited the one at Central World. I can't provide the address here as it's in Thai, available on the website) which has a casual and relaxing feel and feels more like a place for high tea then lunch/dinner. This cafe is well known for its desserts specifically the soft cream cakes which I didn't have stomach space to sample (unfortunately) but my colleagues that had a go at it, loved it and finished up every morsel of it.

My favorite dish was the pomelo salad which had a generous amount of crunchy peanut bits and it wasn't spicy at all (I'm allergic to red chilli). Initially, I ordered the phad thai but this one was really spicy with red chillies so I had to order another dish. The squid ink pasta which was my replacement was scrummy but overly rich. The cream sauce was lovely but it was chokeful of butter and cream so I barely ate half of it. It is recommended to share it instead of having one all by yourself unless you are a cream lover which I am not as I prefer tomato based sauces.

If I visit Coffee Beans by Dao in future, I reckon it will be for desserts rather than a main meal and will share the verdict on it if that ever takes place.

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For Thanksgiving

Dinner set up for Thanksgiving tomorrow

I don't know about you, but I'm extremely excited about tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner that our friend W, will be cooking for us all! He just emailed the menu (pdf) and it looks fit for a restaurant do!

Appetizer - Carne Asada Fries
Soup - Roasted butternut squash soup
Meats - Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey with chestnut stuffing, tenderloin medallions with red wine reduction sauce, 36H souv vide pork belly
Sides - old fashioned mashed potatoes, sauteed brussel sprouts with pistachios, candied carrots and pearl onions
Dessert - chocolate cake and ice cream


We've been instructed to come hungry. B.T is obviously extremely excited as last year's Thanksgiving was totally lonely with just us two alone at Brewerkz :P

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