November 17th, 2010


Moved in

Getting some ideas - crockery shopping will be last but I know exactly what I want. It'll look nothing like this though :p

monochromatic browns will be popped with mostly green and some hints of yellow. Red was our first choice but it didn't work out.

I want some cool lights

Taking a break at ToTT

Moving in took place swiftly and smoothly as my entire family came by to help! 1 van and 1 car - two trips and we were done!

Not everything is completed yet - I would say that we are at 80% right now. There are still a few more things to sort out -

Thursday - fitting of the sinks and counter top, completion of the bathroom, fixing of the drawers which B.T has some minor issues with and several other stuff that need to be perfected.

Friday - collection of the black out curtains, Ikea shopping again

Saturday - delivery of the molecule coffee table convertible

Sunday - delivery of the couch

Rest of next week - shopping for crockery and stuff, fixing of the wall decals and decorating, photos to print out for display, get chairs and a rug etc

I truly can't wait for all of this to be finally done! It's not been all sugar and rainbows, we both had a number of disagreements and arguments and the stress and fatigue wasn't helping us at all! But I think when it's all done and we are able to sit back and relax, it will be sweet.

Meanwhile, our storage space had tripled (actually I think it's even more than that!) I thought I wouldn't be able to fit all my stuff over but I might be wrong and quite possibly so. I seriously can't wait to unpack and move more of my clothes over! And yes, my bags are very pleased too :p

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