November 14th, 2010



Outfit by f21, bangle by Gilt

I felt a little like Dorothy in my frou frou tulle dress with the fire red ballet flats. I know the dress is a little over the top but I kinda fell in love with it when I saw it online.

There is something about wearing tulle that makes you feel like a princess and since I was feeling a tad miserable with my annoying stuffy nose, I wore this to cheer myself up.

On a side note, I've just received news that my Burberry (kids sized) trench has reached. Whoohooo! Thanks to princesszhing who gave me the idea of trying out the kids section at Burberry's for the perfect trench, I did just that. It fits well compared to the others that I've tried that are either too long or large and it's half the price of the adult's :p

As a fashion editor wrote, invest in a good classic trench that will last a long time so I hope this one will work out. I fit in a size 14Y by the way, for those who are curious.

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Ally cupcake


Our loot which included the obligatory Red Velvet

Most of you would already know, that I am quite a cupcake fanatic. And like I've mentioned a couple of times before, in every city that I travel to, I would try my best to suss out a good cupcake place. It need not be the best, but I will try to find out which ones are the favorites amongst the locals.

Sprinkles cupcakes is said to be the pioneer behind the cupcake craze. It all started at this store in Beverly Hills, and was made popular by celebrities and I believe, it was featured on Oprah. B.T's brother, who is quite a foodie and usually our local food guide in the States, agreed that it was up to standards - better than the renowned Magnolia over at NYC. When I first tasted the Magnolia cupcakes, I was blown away. The frosting is really good but the actual cake isn't as good and moist as the rest. And as blogged before, on my list, Georgetown Cupcakes still rates top on my list. For those that took my recommendation and tried it out, agreed on the verdict too :P

Back to Sprinkles, we trooped over and as expected, there was a queue - just like any other popular place. Undaunted, we joined the queue which didn't take us too long to reach to the front. The first cupcake that I will always order is a Red Velvet - it's my standard of comparison. We ordered a few others like caramel apple, limonata and chocolate. Price wise, it's the usual. It's typically USD$3-4 in the States but the size of the cupcake is decent and the frosting authentic.

As we were all too stuffed up from the huge brunch that we had prior to walking over, we decided to save these lovelies for later. We walked around, did some shopping and sights before landed up at Old Town at a friend's place. Unlike the Georgetown Cupcakes where the frosting collapsed by the time I brought it back to the hotel (given that it was over 80F in D.C then), the frosting of Sprinkles held its shape. That was a plus. In terms of taste, it definitely rates high and it's true to the flavors but a tad too sweet.

It's definitely worth a try if you happen to be in Chicago. I can't quite decide if Sprinkles or Magnolia is better because I think Magnolia has a better frosting but the cake quality at Sprinkles is better. Overall, Georgetown Cupcakes still maintains number one of my list of best cupcakes :)

P.S I did check out another cupcake place in Chicago which happened to be owned by a friend's friend and the owner has even been invited to the White House because of her cupcakes! It'll be coming up soon :)

Sprinkles Cupcakes
50 East Walton Street
IL 60611
+1 (312) 573 1600
Opens Mon-Sat, 9am-7pm, Sun, 10am-6pm

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His little shadow

B.T has a new little shadow for the last two days. The Fur Rug is a bit of a coward and cowers in fear whenever it starts to thunder. She squeezed herself into the tiny space between him and the back of the couch and eventually pop out from beneath his elbow.

This was how I found the two of them during the thunderstorm, like 'best of friends'. She was literally trembling and shaking till the thundering and lighting stopped. -_-

Meanwhile, if you've been wondering why he is always wearing the same tee shirt for the last few months, that's because he packed up most of his stuff. That will soon change (hopefully after Wednesday)! I hope it doesn't rain for the move back into The Studio!

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