November 13th, 2010


Packing tips and stuff for the hair

I snagged this off a page of a magazine and decided to share it here since I found it to be rather useful.

Most of us know the 'rolling' trick when it comes to packing, but this ones goes a step further. Line, lay, roll and fold.

Line the bottom of the suitcase with heavier items like shoes and roll the jeans and place it in the center. Lay dresses and pants on top - alternating the waistbands to maximize space. Roll sweaters and shirts on top for the third 'layer', and covering them with the ends of the dresses and pants below. Finally, fold delicates and intimates into laundry bags and lay on the top together with your toiletry pouch.

I think I'll try out this method for my next trip.

Meanwhile, a side note on hair products that I use. My stylist will always lament on how easily tangled my fine hair gets. I've been told by several stylists that I have non-Asian hair or Caucasian hair -_-

I can't use a lot of hair products as my hair will land up limp and flat. I use this grapeseed serum from Bodyshop to minimize the fly-away bits but it usually lands up in a mess. As such, I prefer growing out my hair so that the natural curls are enhanced and I just let it look naturally messy.

My stylist gave me this anti-gravity hair spray by Sebastian to help style and shape my hair. So far, it helps a little.
I've recently ordered a sea salt spray by Bumble and Bumble from Amazon to achieve the tousled beach look. It's quite useful! The only concern I have is that since it's a salt spray, I'm literally adding salt grains onto my hair which adds onto the residue build up. So I'll need to use a residue build up shampoo like Nuetrogena to rinse it all off - at least every once in awhile. Has anyone else tried it before yet?

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Almost there

It was tricky trying to build maximum storage in the TINY kitchen

To be fitted - counter top and sink

Mirrored wardrobes

Interior is not complete - we designed the inside. His and hers.

For shooooes. Flexible to put boxes. It's still probably not enough for me though :p

Storage under the window ledge

There's still a fair bit that needs to be done. The bathroom which had some hiccups, the sinks that need to be fitted and actually, a fair bit more. But it looks like it's all coming in nicely - crossing fingers still!

We've just ordered our blackout curtains. As you can see, the color theme will be a monochromatic brown. We haven't decided on the accent color yet, but it'll show on the decorative items and bedding. For now, I have yellow, green, blue and red on my list. We'll see!

I'm excited to fit in the wall decals and decorative stuff that I got from Bangkok that includes a black and white bunny ears salt and pepper dispenser!

We have both learnt so much through this Reno, it was a lot of pain, frustrations and all. But we said that at least we'll be better when we get a bigger place next time (a few years perhaps) and then we'll put in our dream items like a particular l-shaped couch and several other ideas. :) baby steps!

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Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Chicago style - deep dish pizza

I once did a poll on my Facebook asking friends to state which was their favorite pizza places here in Singapore. I had quite a few responses which I duly noted down. I've been intending to check them out but I think we've only tried out 2! I noticed that most opted for thin crust pizza as their favorite type of pizza and actually, that's my choice too. I love a good slice of New York City style pizza - thin crust of course and these days, it's quite easy to find similar varieties.

In some parts of the world like the Bay Area and Chicago, there is a pizza (unknown to most) called the deep dish pizza. It resembles a large quiche, in fact, it tastes like one! I had my first sample at Zachery's in San Francisco. B.T totally loves it but I'll admit that I prefer thin (paper thin) crust pizza.

He was dying to try a Chicago style deep dish as deep dish originated from there. I groaned as I realized that he had noted down not one but three deep dish pizza places to check out -_- His brother took us to Lou Malnati's Pizzeria the day before our marathon and it was obviously popular as we waited for around 20 minutes (around 2plus in the afternoon) before we got a seat outdoors!

We ordered two deep dish and greedy B.T ordered a small personal. How filling is a slice of deep dish? Well, one cuts into 4 generous slices and all of us were full by the time we finished it. It's good but I'm frankly not a fan of it. There's too much cheese and tomato sauce that it is almost like eating a marinara pasta on a crust or a quiche! Plus, we overloaded on too much greens from that huge-ass salad and couldn't stuff in any more of that cheese, tommy toes or crust. We landed up packing almost a full pizza back home which became our breakfast for the next two days -_-

The good thing about hitting Lou Malnati's for the first deep dish place, was that it completely satisfied his deep dish craving and that was the first and last of deep dish that we had for the rest of the trip :):):) It's a good experience though, if you have never tried it before, to have a taste of old-style Chicago deep dish. But be warned, it's not the healthiest thing on earth!

P.S I didn't write down the address here as there are many that can be found on the website link that I provided above, and I simply can't recall which one we visited!

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