November 12th, 2010


Prints, faux crystals and flowers

I love wearing basics, spruced up with a printed cardi or stripped leggings. It's a lazy way of dressing actually.

I have quite a collection of cardis. Or rather, I love looking out for cool pieces. Basics, stripped, prints and those with intricate details.

The one above has cute front pockets and crystals and the one below has some fancy floral pop out design with contrast color stitching.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Sour Sally

The yoghurt craze is not only in Singapore, but in the other parts of Southeast Asia as well. Gone are the days where we used to just have a few good yoghurt brands like Yami Yoghurt. Currently, you see a new one sprouting out every other week ranging from Red Mango to Yoguru to goodness know what. It reminds me of the bubble tea and Portugese egg tarts fads.

I do admit though, that I enjoy eating yoghurt. Yami Yoghurt is still one of my favorites but I am not particularly fussy. Over at Jakarta, we tried out Sour Sally just because it was supposed to be good. What is unique about Sour Sally is that chewy moichi is offered as one of the toppings. Other than that, the yoghurt tastes standard.

I heard that Sour Sally is hitting our shores.. real soon. I think it'll be in Wisma.

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Potato Head

I love outdoor seating bistros. It's great on a nice day but usually not great here in Singapore where it's mainly hot and humid. So when our colleagues suggested having dinner at Potato Head which was popular for it's great ambience and cocktails, we all went along with the suggestion.

The name is catchy and if you peek into the dimmed interior, you will be quite intrigued by the large hanging wall of.. grass. Everything is quite 'raw' in this restaurant. The chairs and tables are made of old rustic wood and it has a modern kampong feel to it. I was excited to note that a decent range of martinis was available and I opted for something different which didn't disappoint.

Food served here is delactable. The wagyu beef burger that I ordered was juicy and done medium rare - exactly how I wanted it to be and it was perfect eaten simply with just ketchup. I can't recall what the rest ordered exactly but someone had lamb and gave the thumbs up for it. Portions here are rather modest though which is great for me and it also leaves me space for dessert.

The apple crumble that I picked off someone's plate was not bad, the cake that I ordered had a bit too much rum and coffee (or maybe, it's just not my cup of tea) and a third dessert that was ordered turned out great. So my verdict on the desserts was that it was a bit of a hit and miss.

There are simply so many great restaurants, cafes, bristos and whatnots around. It's hard for one to really stand out and make me go wow. And after our Moto experience, which is one that we'll remember for life, I keep looking for just one 'WOW' factor at every place that I eat at. Be it a soup broth of a salad dressing, it has to be something unique, to stand out and make me want to return for more.

Potato Head
Pacific Place Mall
JL Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
12190 Indonesia
+62 21 5797 3322

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