November 11th, 2010


The vertical challenge

I am barely 5"2. On good days, I am 1.58m, for the most of it, I'm just 1.57 1/2 m. That means that I'm vertically challenged.

Being short and small means,

1) I get used as an arm rest half of the time by my (much) taller colleague. 1.93m versus 1.57m. Go figure.

2) I get teased about my height, endlessly -

My manager and team mate were sitting down talking at our workspace area. I had to walk past them to get to my desk.
J: Eh Andy. Even when we are sitting down, I can see past the top of your head when you walk by.
A: -_- Thanks. Very funny.

3) The taller ones step on my foot all the time! Oops! Sorry. I didn't see you! -_-

4) I am the one that is always suggested to sit in the trunk when there isn't space in the car.

5) I need a ladder all the time. To reach for my samples, to merchandize. My colleague who is over 2m tall, just looks at me standing on a chair, and laugh. Do you need help?

6) I always have to alter my pants, jeans etc. The reason why I love GStar - the length fits perfectly. I have to buy capris to pass off as pants and it's hard to find bottoms.

BUT, being short also means that,

1) I can curl up comfortably, sideways, in an economy seat.

2) I can sneak up on B.T and scare him. I did so last night and he went, WOAAAH! It sounded more like WOOOF!. He literally jumped.

3) I can fit into kids designer wear. Mmmmm. I just made a purchase for a kids designer wear at half the price for adults :P

4) Traveling is easier because my clothes and shoes are tinier. Imagine, I'm a 6.5 U.S shoe size, my colleague is a U.S 11. He says that my cabin sized bag is a shoe bag for him - will fit only two pairs of shoes (MAX).

5) I have a wider pool of guys that are taller than me (not difficult to find someone taller than me) to date. Let's see. My 1.93m tall colleague, his girlfriend is 1.8m tall. They often joke that they are truly suited for each other and it'll be difficult to find someone who can match them in terms of height.

And the list goes on.

But you know what? I love being short - sure, I do wish to be taller. 1.65m is my ideal height! But, being short has its privileages and it's been a ball so far. B.T laughs whenever my clothes come out of the laundry and calls them 'baby clothes' but he doesn't mind dating a shortie.

So if you are short and small like me, what do you like and don't like about your height?

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