November 10th, 2010


Cheap buys

Dress from Bangkok, ballet flats by Martini Pink, bangle from Gilt, f21 necklace

If there's anything that I love about Bangkok, is the cheap buys. Although, not as dirt cheap as before. Prices have gone up - it's still cheap averaging 200-250 baht or more per dress but you can't bargain and prices are fixed. It's still good enough.

I love going to Platinum Mall but you need a lot of time and patience. Siam Square works well for me too.

On my last day, after we were done with work, I had 3 hours to shop. 20 minutes to pick up household stuff for The Studio and comb through the shops at Siam Square. I hate shopping under time pressure and landed picking up a few pieces. Thankfully, they all fit!

I think the Thais are into Korean and Japanese fashion as most of the stuff are inspired from there. And, it's obvious that a lot of blog shops get their loot from here as you'll see tons of the stuff here :p

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Go away!

Oh you stupid flu bug! You are not going to win this battle *shakes fists.

I don't know if it was the vaccine jab yesterday or the two weeks of work travel plus renovation madness plus work craziness plus overdue meet-ups plus I don't know goodness know what, that brought on a sniffy nose and a scratchy throat today. Either way, I am not falling sick. I won't!!

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