November 6th, 2010


In progress

Main aim of Reno- to increase the storage. This is just part of it - storage beneath the window

Gutted out the bathroom

Kitchen remodeling

Finally, it's taking place! The anticipation is long and we are praying everything will turn out well according to our requirements and expectations. I'm mainly looking forward to an entire wall length of mirrored wardrobes!

Stay tuned.

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We were starving by the time we got off the flight, went through customs and the infamous Jakarta traffic which was made worse by the rain. The guys were craving for bebek goreng but it wasn't the time to be picky so we just went with the Indonesian team's recommendation of Kitchenette. When I heard that it was western food, I almost groaned. Not again. But then, it turned out great and I was really glad that we patronized it.

If there is anything outstanding about the restaurants and cafes in Jakarta, is the fact that most have a really nice decor and ambience. The Kitchenette reminded me of this cafe called The Apartment over at The Curve (if I recall correctly). It is like a cozier small Marche where there is a fresh salad bar, an open concept kitchen and actually, it's literally like a kitchen.

The garlic truffle fries was amazing and they offer a wide selection of savory and sweet crepes. The soup was okay but I really dig the salad - it's the dressing. Desserts were spectacular and my ultimate favorite was the lemon meringue pie. OMG. I loooooove lemoney fillings and cloud like fluffy whites.

Plaza Indonesia Extension Lantai 1
JL. Thamrin Kav 28-30
+62 021 2992 3580

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