October 30th, 2010


Bebek goreng

Bebek goreng aka fried duck

All cleaned up

I recently made a trip to Jakarta for work and it was kinda nice re-visiting since the last trip that I made was eons ago!

The one dish that everyone raves about is bebek goreng - fried duck. I have never tried it before and was all game to do so. You won't find this at high end malls and it's usually available at the smaller restaurants by the roads. Our Indonesian co-workers told us that bebek goreng is like the chilli crab in Singapore - all that visit have to try it. Naturally, the locals get quite sick of eating it :P

Indonesian food though extremely tasty, is like Pinoy food. It's mostly deep fried with a lot of seasoning and it is rather rich and unhealthy. I sampled my first taste of bebek goreng and it tastes like the fried chicken wings that are sold at the Malay food stalls in the school canteens! Do you remember those? It's fried in some sort of yellowish spice and it has a distinctive taste and aroma to it - fellow Singaporeans will understand if you attended a local school during your primary to secondary school years! The bebek goreng meat is just a tad 'tougher' but the taste was simply.. nostalgic.

Other dishes that we ordered included gado gado (quite different from the version here and it tastes more like 'rojak' with a strong peanut flavor), stir fried veggies and tempeh (fried tau kwa). I don't deny that the bebek goreng was quite a treat and the next time I am back in Jakarta, I'll definitely have it again!

Pondok Suryo
JL Suryo No.16 Senopati
+62 21739 3358

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Tempur cloud

Last year, I bought for B.T a set of tempurpedic pillows and ohmygod, it was worth shelling out the dough for.

We are now eyeing a memory foam mattress and there is no way that we can afford one from Singapore because the prices are insanely high. It's way cheaper buying direct from the States but we need to wait for the right timing to uh ship it over. We both agreed on the Tempur Cloud.

The alternative is to get another brand of memory foam from Costco, which comes compressed and we have checked with the airlines and with my status, I can check it in. Including shipping charges etc, it'll cost about USD$1,000. His friend likes this brand - I'm not too sure. So we are still mulling over it.

Aside from the Tempurpedic, we did spend a weekend (some time back), trying out mattresses. We tried out the latex ones over at Centrepoint and the entire range there in fact and we still favor memory foam mattresses.

So the hunt for the mattress continues. Afterall, we spend a third of our lives sleeping on it so it'd better be good! Meanwhile, I'm going to order the Tempur travel pillow so that I can get a better night's rest whenever I travel!

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Purple Pig - cheese swine and wine

Chicago is a little like Japan where it is quite hard to find 'bad food'. We randomly walked along the Magnificent Mile, trying to find our way around when we literally walked right into The Purple Pig. It's situated at the corner of a rather busy street and it can be missed but I was attracted to the iron-gate entrance of it and the reviews that was plastered all over at the side.

We decided that we were fairly hungry and this would be our best bet for a decent lunch. The prices look fine so we walked in. We got a seat easily as we were 10 minutes early before the actual lunch crowd hit. After we sat down and ordered, we noticed that the place filled up quickly.

The Purple Pig specializes in cheese, swine and wine. Ironically, we just went with the cheese and did without the meats and wine. The menu servings are meant for sharing so you are encouraged to order a few sides to share. The cheese variety is wide and we aren't too familiar with the names so we requested for a soft cheese (brie like), and a hard, salty cheese (was offered an aged gouda that was off the menu) and went for the recommended truffle goat cheese. We loved all of it - my favorite was the gouda, it's funny how my cheese preference has shifted from soft cheeses like brie to hard and salty ones like mimolette or gouda. Each platter was served with a berry jam and brioche that went very well with our selections.

The sides turned out excellent as well. We were initially disappointed that the artichokes weren't ready to be served and had to opt for butternut pumpkin instead but those turned out really well. I liked how the saltiness of the grated cheese added a twist to the sweetness of the grilled pumpkins. The white bait fish was nicely done too - fresh and crispy with the right amount of batter.

We enjoyed the lunch greatly and we later found out that The Purple Pig is popular amongst the locals and when we told our friend about it, she too was raving about the food there so we definitely made a good lunch choice there. :)

The Purple Pig
500 North Michigan Avenue
Illinois 60611
+1 (312) 4641 744

Sun- Thursday: 1130-midnight
Friday & saturday - 1130-0200

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Wala drinks and tease

My buddy D, aka the monkey, is back for good and I'm rather thrilled though it means endless teasing in the office now -_-

A couple of us hung out last night at Wala's and it was fun. By the way, the appletini there ain't too bad. I'm happy that B.T gets along with my colleagues or rather friends and he just gets pure entertainment watching me get teased non-stop!

The last time at Wala's, I found that a fork and knife was slipped into my envelope clutch. This time around, I refused all 'kind' offers to have my Miu Miu placed by the side and all. So I wasn't the victim of having bottles of ketchup and tobasco sneaked into the bag. But I was declared the 'birthday girl' of the night -_-

So the band asked if it was anyone's birthday in the house and those monkeys all shouted out - ANDREA! Great. We were all sitting at the side of the stage so everyone saw who I was. Oh and how old is Andrea, the girl asked - they chorused - 18!!! -_-

Is she even of legal age to be here?!


And so I'd the birthday song played and sung to me and everyone cheered whilst I didn't know where to hide my face and they even wished me happy birthday on my Facebook! Gah.

Shots or waterfall for the birthday girl? The waiter asked.


And guess what? When band 2 came in and asked the same question, *groan, the above repeated. -_-

So you see what nonsense I have to work with at work? I can start a fresh new post on the teasing that goes on about 1) my height, 2) my bad sense of direction 3) my inability to speak mandarin properly. But really, I do love these guys. Best ever.

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Change is constant

"Change, is constant. How we experience change, that's up to us. It can feel like death, or it can feel like a second chance at life. If we open our fingers, loosen our grips, go with it, it can feel like pure adrenaline. Like at any moment, we can have another chance at life. Like at any moment, we can be born all over again."
~ Grey's Anatomy, Season 7.

I'm so glad that GA is back. We are a bit late in catching up and almost forgot what happened in the previous epic season. And I'm a huge GA fan since day 1 so I'm rather biased but the quotes are seriously, worth pondering over.

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