October 22nd, 2010


Two popped and more

Both my colleagues in the U.S (one was his wife), popped over the week and photos were emailed over. One, a really cute boy, the other, a pair of twins (a boy and a girl - how lucky!) but we haven't seen the pictures of the twins yet. We were all really glad to hear of the pregnancies and deliveries as they were both long awaited.

I don't know if it's the baby season and the year of the rabbit? that everyone is rushing to have a baby or just the timing where everyone is due or whether it was the cold of winter that encouraged the productivity. I know about 10 people or more that are pregnant, have just popped or going to and it's quite amusing.

I am constantly surrounded by pregnancy and baby talks which I don't mind at all since it's fun hearing the experience and NO I am not feeling clucky - missy has a loooong way more to go and I am at the stage where I love kids but want to return them at the end of the day. :P

I am very happy for everyone and that blessings are going all around and praying for smooth pregnancies and deliveries for all you pregnant ladies :)

So one of my friend who is expecting a baby was talking to me about names and I was told the chosen name and asked what my choice would be if I ever had a boy and I said 'xxx'. The reply was, My wife loves that name but don't worry, we won't take it because I don't. I laughed and said that I wouldn't care even if they changed their mind and named the baby that. I never quite got how people would 'reserve' their babies names amongst friends. It's a personal choice and it shouldn't matter if someone else's kid was named that too and unless you name your baby chickadee or something, there will be thousands of others having the same name too!

I am curious to see what this new generation of names would be. We have gone through the era of the Aidans, Caydens, Jaydens, Kyra, Kayla, Maya, Chloe, Mia, Emma names ending with -dens, -la/ra/ya, spelling variations of traditional names. I came from a generation where the popular names were Melissa, Cheryl, Vanessa, Michael, John, Joshua etc, so it will be really interesting to see what the new trend is. There are websites that show which names are most popular in which decade - What names do I fancy? I'm a little superstitious as in that it's taboo to publicly 'name' before it happens just like it's taboo to buy a house with your partner before you get engaged etc. So I won't even say or comment here.

To all my dear pregnant friends who are reading this, smooths months ahead and may you enjoy the ride :)

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A friend of mine opened up a fabulous basketball specialty store in Manila that is based off a concept from the States. It's a one-stop store that sells the latest and most popular basketball loves and it has a special and unique service - a barber shop. In the U.S, professional basketball players hang out at specialty stores like these and have a hair cut while watching the latest basketball games on a large screen or flipping through the latest magazine reads (on basketball of course).

Titan has the most coveted collectibles and you would find the 'first launches' in this store. I took some time outside of my schedule to visit the store and it was amazing.

I don't think many Pinoys read this space but please help to spread the word though it's spreading like wildfire in Manila already.

Forbeswood Heights (along Rizal Dr.), cor. Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City

Store Hours:
Tue-Fri: 1200-2100
Sat: 1000-2200


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Kinkakuji Temple

The bean

My big Tiffany bean!

Chicago or Chi-town as it is fondly called, is said to be a smaller version of NYC. It was B.T and mine's first trip to Chicago and we went with no expectations. We loved it from day 1! It's like a quieter and cleaner smaller scaled New York City with an exploding array of top notch quality food and good shopping variety.

The sights in Chicago - tourist spots, would probably pale in comparison to what New York City has to offer so it's really a place for food, music and shopping.

My favorite spot is the 'Bean' or Cloud Gate (I fondly call it the Tiffany Bean) in Millenium Park. It's a massive stainless steel structure and that might sound utterly boring and geeky but once you set your eyes on it, you'll be drawn to it.

It's fun to be around the bean. We spent some time running around it, catching our reflection, taking silly shots and the best part is that on a beautiful sunny day, you can catch the reflection of the Chicago skyline on the bean. I didn't get a chance to enjoy it during the evening or night when the lights of the city are on, but here's a sample of what it looks like. Gorgeous!

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