October 21st, 2010


Poofy poof

Ok the picture looks weird because it pivoted the other way around. Anyway, I am feeling extra girlie today in my poofy black skirt and striped top with a fat blue bow on the left side :)

I love poofy skirts but cannot find enough of it!

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Duck adobo

The interior

I don't know what was in this dip but the truffle etc was amazing!

Much as the local Pinoy food doesn't quite agree with my taste buds, I would still make it a point to have at least one local meal there. Moreover, we had guests in town that had never visited the Phils.

Mamou is a great place that serves a slight fusion of Pinoy food. I opted for the duck adobo (a twist on the standard chicken adobo) flakes with white/red garlic rice and scrambled eggs with truffle flavored oil. It sounds extremely strange and looks unappetizing but it was definitely tasty. It was kinda rich though and I think it contributed to my bad throat that followed on the night itself.

There were many other dishes that had the thumbs up for example, the steaks which they are quite well-known for - not exactly pinoy I know, but like i said, it's a fusion eatery :P I think it will be a worth checking out place in Manila should you want a bit of local cuisine but with a twist and some western fusion in it.

Mamou a Home Kitchen
Unit 1C-15 G/F Serendra Fort Bonifacio Heights
Fort Bonifacio Global City
1634 Taguig City

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Me likey

An errand run to pick up my altered ASOS dress from my trusty seamstress who by the way, did an excellent job (as usual) in downsizing it, landed up with me popping into my favorite shops in Ion.

I love the brands offered at Ion but hate that mall do much because the layout is horrendously confusing and like a labyrinth!


Mighty glad I found the Uniqlo polka dot stockings that I last destroyed. I also picked up two soft embellished and zipper bracelets - I went from the mad about earrings phase to chunky rings (needed to give my ear holes a breather!) and now I'm obsessed over necklaces of all types and bracelets and bangles. -_-

I had to visit Alldressedup. Their latest collection is KILLING me! I love all of it! Heelp. Tried on these two dresses, prefer the second and decided to get none. Yes. I walked out empty-handed. Maybe I'll find them in Hong Kong when I head over.

Oh but isn't the second dress lovely? My hand is blocking the lovely detailing of the halter which looks like a chunky necklace.

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As mentioned earlier, it's an obsession. Just some of it with a couple others lying somewhere in the other house. That reminds me. I need to search for my gifted fat white/black Agnes B bangle. I miss it.

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Terry Fox Run

Two weeks after

It is said that one should rest a day for every mile ran in a marathon. That equates to 26 days of rest or about a month. Last year, though my legs recovered within a day or two, I took a month and a half break from running.

Last week, my legs were starting to itch and I was dying to run. I have already figured out the race plan for next year but I shan't go into the details until it's more firmed up. I have been resisting the urge and haven't done a single km run except for running across the road.

This Sunday, I will be participating in the Nike City 10K. It will be a fun run for me and I won't be aiming for any timing. I just want to let me legs run a little.

Meanwhile, I am rather glad that I no longer need to train as the haze is terrible and I can't imagine having to run 20 miles in this blurry smog.

P.S I have verbal diarrhea this week. It's been hectic at work and when that happens, I usually land up on a blogroll and I have been tweeting non-stop too! So bear with me :P

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Casa Latina

Cheese. Melted.

The day before we flew off to Chicago, we met up with W and G for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Casa Latina. This is supposed to be a true authentic Mexican restaurant. As my Mexican co-worker will say, most Mexican food that is found, even in the U.S, is tex-mex food. Burritos aren't authentic Mexican cuisine and the food is cooked in a slightly different way. Frankly speaking, I can't quite tell the difference except whether it is good or bad Mexican food :P

It's a really nice cosy restaurant. Reservations are recommended as they do get packed. We were tad unlucky to choose a day where a big group was dining and that slowed down the overall service considerably. My friends mentioned that the service is usually brisk but for that evening, it took 45 minutes for our appetizers to arrive and at least 20 minutes for our drinks. That's unacceptable to me but apparently, they were rather short-staffed in the kitchen and the group of 20 weren't helping.

On that evening, I was feeling rather poorly. Drugged with my cocktail of medication of anti-biotics and cough mixture, I wasn't in the best mood. Moreover, I had lost my voice so I think my senses weren't the best which affected my overall experience.

The guys were raving over the red and green salsa that was served with the tortilla chips. The soups that we ordered were very tasty but very salty. I didn't enjoy my quesadilla probably because my taste buds were bland but the rest had an enjoyable meal. I'm definitely heading back again when I'm well and able to make a better judgement of the food but if anyone is looking for a Mexican place other than Cafe Iguana's or Margarita's, give Casa Latina a shot. Also, GST and service charged isn't included in the bill so that's a huge plus and you can decide if you wish to tip or not.

Casa Latina
42 Waterloo Street
+65 6884 6929

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