October 20th, 2010


From zero to forty-two.two

With the ever lovely Jaymie P

with Coach Rio - I'm lovin' his afro hair!

A part of my personal life revolves around running (the extent depending on whether I am training for a race) and a whole lot of my work life revolves around running. One of my favorite part of the job is meeting up with like-minded people who are crazy about running the way I am, in fact, crazier.

I first met Jaymie a.k.a The Bull Runner last year when she was invited to run Hood to Coast with the SEA team. She's a celebrity blogger/runner in the Philippines and is one of the most influential runners in the market. She edits and publishes her own running magazine called The Bull Runner magazine and distributes a whopping 10,000 copies each time and the downloads of her magazines are so high, it crashes the server all the time. And any shoe that she wears pretty much sells off the shelf at every running door. It is easy to see why this really hot mother of two is so popular as she is extremely down to earth despite her success in both running and blogging. I was really glad to meet up with her again during my recent trip to Manila.

Manila is like Singapore 5 years back where running was heating up and everyone was suddenly getting into the sport. Currently, there are races happening almost weekly. Recently, a race in the Philippines entered the world Guinness Book of Records for having the largest number of participants. I believe about 140,000 people entered the race. So you get a rough idea on how popular running is in Manila right now.

There is quite a difference though. When I first started running about 5 years ago, everyone was more or less a 'cautious runner'. We started off running with a 5km race that we took months to train for and slowly progressed to a 10km race. In the next year or two, a half marathon would be done followed by a full marathon. It took me about 2 years after my first half marathon to attempt my first marathon. Also, I did my first half only a year after my first 10km.

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