October 19th, 2010


Lounging about in shorts and racer backs

UO and MNG tops, belt and shorts from Bangkok, F21 oxfords, bangles and necklace, Kate Spade calf skin leather bag

The one thing that I love living in a tropical country is the option to wear shorts and racer backs whenever I want - regardless of season!

I definitely have a current slightly obsessive penchant for stripes and polka dots as everything I pick out seems to be something along that line.

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Whilst standing on the platform waiting for the train, I noticed a lady beside me with a very obvious tattoo that was wrapped around her ankle. It was a rather fierce looking design and somehow, I personally felt that it did not match her image nor her look but to each his own correct?

In any case, that reminded me of my desire to get a tattoo done when I was in University. I still get the occasional wonder if I should get one done from time to time but that 'want' seems to be dwindling over time - perhaps it's age!

When I was 14, I used to admire Krissy Taylor (Supermodel Nikke Taylor's younger sister) who unfortunately passed away when she was 17 in 1995. She had a daisy tattoo on her toe and I remembered wanting a similar tattoo but I heard that it's one of the most painful spots to get it done so I discarded that thought shortly after.

When I was 19, I told my bestie that we should get one together. She was quite for the idea except that I was strangely into classic Winnie the Pooh at that point in time. Yes. Laugh all you want but I actually had a Pooh theme website on the now defunct Geocities with animated snowglobes (I was even once asked by a hospital to create personalized snowglobes for the kids!). Aaaanyway. She said she didn't fancy having a tattoo of a bumble bee or a bear on her body so we never really got around to it.

Over the years, I've thought about getting one from time to time but never had the guts to do so and also, I could never quite figure out what exactly I wanted. I did decide that the placement will be at my lower left back just above the hip bone BUT till today, I have never got around to it. And I don't think I will ever because the desire or want is no longer there.

Tattoos are cool and people that I know that have it, pull it off really well. It is like a sense of identity but I don't think it's quite my style or personality. And if I got one now, it will probably be something really silly like a penguin which is something that I'm hugely crazy over. Or that beaten up scruffy looking chimp - Pimp, that I bring along with me on my trips. And yes. I bring a stuffed animal with me for my work travels. I need a piece of home with me.

So back to the tatts, whenever I see someone with a tattoo, I will admire it and a slight urge to get one done. But that feeling will always pass away swiftly. In fact, the urge to get one is fading away and I hardly feel like I want one.I'm happy with my tattoo free body and will keep it this way and I guess, it's one of those things that I'm glad that I didn't do when I was younger!

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