October 17th, 2010


Skin help

I'm writing this post, hoping for some solutions for my mom!

She has ultra sensitive skin so putting on rubber gloves to wash the dishes and clothes is a must. However, her skin still cracks and peels :( She uses hand moisturizer regularly.

Does anyone have any solution for her? Is there any cream that she can use or vitamins for her skin?

Thanks in advance!

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Big polka and hearts

F21 hearts tights and coat, H&M polka dot long sleeve top, Steve Madden boots, Jcrew skinny belt, Kate Spade sunnies and Tiffany necklace

The weather in Chi-town got erratic - blazing hot on marathon day and chilly on the rest. I brought a lot of stuff to layer on for this trip and you'll see a few repeats as I was trying hard to maximize luggage space!

And yes. I'm back. It was a fantastic trip and I actually want to go back soon again!

I'm terribly jet-lagged because I slept almost throughout the entire 18 hours back -_- I can hear B.T saying - serves you right as he tried to keep me awake but to no avail.

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Drawing inspiration

Anthropologie heaven

If there is anything that I love about the shops in the U.S or Hong Kong, is the retail merchandizing. It makes me want to step in, browse and buy something.

Whenever I need some inspiration, I'll walk into my favorite shops - Urban Outfitters, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and Anthropologie in State side and Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. I almost always walk out with something.

Now I half wish I had my own house to decorate and do up. Although I do get stuff for The Studio and have been actively contributing to the design aesthetics, it's technically not my space so it's quite different. Though B.T has incorporated so much of me, into the space that it's hard not to be attached to it :p

Yes the reno has been taking a blardy long time but it's a whole mix of factors that contributed to the delay some of which I would rather not share publicly here, and throw in our terribly hectic travel schedules, and many other stuff that has been brewing. BUT, I don't want to jinx it by spilling too much - we're crossing our fingers toes and eyebrows :) so wish us luck!

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