October 7th, 2010



Beef medallions which were so-so

I noticed a trend in restaurants. It starts off good, the quality of the food and service is top notched, word gets around and before you know it, everyone is checking it out. However, sad to note that along the way or after its popularity peaks, the standards start to slide downwards. It's a real pity. Of course, some are still able to sustain what they were popular for but most of the case, you will land up saying, "It isn't as good as it used to be."

As a result of some miscommunication within the team, we landed up at Ringside - the steakhouse, which none of us really wanted to go. Like above, it started off good but then it is now isn't as good as it used to be. Ringside shifted to a new location and sad to say, the standards have dropped. Service isn't stellar and I think there are many other places with better steak options.

What remains good though is the large onion rings and the French onion soup though that was slightly on the salty side. I hope this will be my last visit to Ringside because I'm truly, quite sick of it.

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Piazza Italia


It wasn't the first time that I have visited Piazza Italia - perhaps the second or third. Somehow, I didn't write about it (I think). So here goes.

As its name suggests, it's an Italian restaurant that serves pizzas, which is just one part of the menu. The owner is an avid football fan and has a penchant for collecting football jerseys, which he will proudly display on the ceiling of his restaurant. Service here is warm and you can expect hearty portions.

The place is usually packed even on weekdays and it doesn't quite help that the space is quite small. There are a couple of tables along the street for outdoor dining so that's lovely during the Summer. If you would like to dine here, it is best to make reservations otherwise you might have to wait for awhile. We were quite lucky that a large group was leaving just as we arrived so it was just a 10 minutes wait.

The salads are really tasty. It's all in the dressing and the fresh ingredients that are used. There is something nice about a warm spinach salad though I usually prefer my salads to be cold. I didn't fancy eating pizza as I just had it a Fifty-Fifty, so I opted for the pasta. Portions sizes are huge so for pasta dishes, I think it's best to share.

I have never had a chance to try out the desserts as I am usually stuffed by the end of the meal. Perhaps the next time. :)

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Piazza Italia
1129 NW Johnson ST
OR 97209
+1 (503) 478 0169

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