October 4th, 2010


Girls only

Pretty macaroons

Social gatherings are quite a rare occasion for me during the weekdays. It's either training or work travels or just something in the schedule. It was quite nice to break the routine to have a girls only meet-up with the uni mates. It's been awhile.

Pink champagne, macaroons, chocolate almond clusters, cheese, dried figs and cherries and a chocolate stick for each of us to take home. It was lovely. We were dazzled by W's lovely new home that came complete with a to-die for walk-in wardrobe with countless shoes, bags and clothes. We spent hours at the balcony, chit-chatting and gossiping until midnight struck and like Cinderella, we all took our leave.

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Lovely's Fifty-fifty

Excellent ice cream.

My colleagues love going back to the same eating places over and over again each time we are back in Portland. I never understood that. Much as I am a creature of habit when it comes to eating back home, I love checking out new eating places whenever I travel and Portland is no exception.

Whenever I hang out with TS or D, I will request to go to somewhere different. Somewhere that I have never been too. The recommendation was for pizzas at Fifty fifty which I initially thought would be boring because, urgh, pizzas again?! But I was lured by the fact that it was over at Mississippi, an area that I've never been to and they had good ice cream.

I absolutely loved the decor and ambience of Fifty-fifty. I felt as though I was stepping into someone's cozy house. Wooden tables and chairs, shelves, glasses, high ceilings with wooden beams, low hanging lights and dim lighting - it was all very nice and warm.

The menu is simple - specialty is pizza. Pizza crusts are thin and the toppings yummy. I love the roasted eggplant pizza and the one with 4 types of sausages on top of it. And you have to keep space for dessert. Ice cream that is! I had my heart set on the honey lavender the moment I stepped in so it was an easy choice for me. We all ordered something different so we had a good sampling. I liked all the flavors actually! The salted caramel was my second favorite to the honey lavender followed by the malted milk ball and the Valrhona chocolate chunk cream. Mmmm!

Lovely's Fifty-Fifty
4039 Mississippi Ave N Suite 101
OR 97227
+1 (503) 281 4060

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Gold coast Maryanne

I've not been looking at Kate Spade for awhile and the only reason why I walked into the store was to accompany my friend. The first photo was taken in the Portland store and I love the wall design! It's so cool! In fact, I am really liking Kate Spade's latest collection. She's wowed everyone again with her unexpected style and twist in designs but with the same feminine bows and bold quirky design lines that we are all familiar with.

Just to back track a little, my friend who lives in London was asking if I wanted anything from Chanel since it's about SGD$1,000 cheaper. So when I was in Hong Kong, I scouted around a little and I saw a slouchy lambskin design in Hong Kong but it was still pricier than in London so I called up the stores in London but alas, it was a seasonal product that is no longer in production or available.

So this Kate Spade bag that I chanced upon looks almost similar except the leather isn't as buttery soft as the one from Chanel but at a fraction of the price. The staff said that I could enjoy a student's discount of 15% because I look like one (big grin) and generously put it on hold for a day (there were only 2 left in the store) so that I could think about it. I landed up flying back to Singapore before I could return to the shop and mulled over it for a couple of days before I contacted the shop again.

The service was excellent and I was literally blown away because they not only decided to extend the discount to me though it was way past the date, they delivered it to my friend's house for free and yes, I bought the last one in that store and because they had my records, I settled everything seamlessly.

Here is my Chanel look alike until I find the exact same one that I really want :P It's a quilted pebbled calf leather slouchy bag with light gold chain straps. My Mom loves it too so I'll leave it at home so that she can enjoy using it as well :)

For those who are traveling to the States, Tiffany's and other U.S brands like Kate Spade is cheaper in the U.S and they do offer some styles that aren't available in Asia. Kate Spade however does sell products specifically to Asia only as well.

Depending on the taxes prevailing for the city that you are in, Tiffany's for example in Portland is on average 20% cheaper and the recent exchange rate is to our advantage. Of course, Oregon is tax free so you will get the most savings in Oregon. Without the 15% discount, the same bag that is selling in Singapore is retailing at about SGD$880 I believe which means that you'll save SGD$293 if you buy it from Portland or order it from online. It's still available online and in a cream color as well.

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Our miniature lucky cat

Smaller than a chapstick

Moichi cream!

Enjoying a bit of time off today since half my weekend was gone due to the work trip in Manila so I've been rambling on quite a bit.

I've always wanted a lucky cat but not one with the moving arm. This is what B.T got for me on his recent trip to Tokyo. It's so goddamm cute! Also, we finally got our hands on moichi cream!

So our two friends from NYC were raving and I mean, really raving about this moichi cream that they bought from the Narita airport and they love it so much that they will buy boxes and boxes back home each time they were in Japan. I transit via Narita all the time but it's usually not at the terminal which sells the moichi cream and my transit time can be short. B.T was a real sweetheart and went to the airport earlier, took a bus to the other terminal to search for this moichi cream and he came back with two boxes that cost a whopping USD$50, all packed in dried ice.

The verdict?

Now we know why they were raving about it. Each moichi is huge and they all come in different flavors. The first one that I tried was the green tea and the moichi is pillowy soft and chewy and there is fresh cream right smack in the center of it. It's so yummy but insanely expensive for a simple dessert that we are going to freeze the two boxes and slowly savor all of it.

For those traveling to Tokyo or if you transit at Narita and have the time to hop over to Terminal One, look for the moichi cream shop. It's worth it. And it's not for sharing!!

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