October 3rd, 2010

One Bowerman

Nature on campus

Whilst waiting for the car on campus, I snapped a few shots. I love nature, plants, flowers but I am so bad at maintaining any of it - definitely not lil miss green fingers. One of the reasons why I love the Nike campus is because it has a lot of greenery and floral from the pine oak trees at the running trail to the sakura trees that line the front of the Bowerman drive and well, the campus is literally lined with trees all around.

The last photo isn't related to nature of course - I just had to shoot it because of the cute car plate :)

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Last night, I knew of the passing on of LKY's wife and felt sad. I was then touched by their 61 years love story and it was just like the love video of Annie and Danny which I recently posted. Sweet and moving.

It gives us hope that true love does exist in this world.

This morning, I saw B.T trying to fix the photo frame that I handmade for him 3 years ago. The mosaic pieces were falling out and the card board stand was wobbly. I said that I could get him another frame if this one was broken. But he said no. And he glued it back together.

I never knew that he was sentimental. It made me smile. And I'm glad that I have him as my boo.

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