October 2nd, 2010


A few more and quick remedies

I've been receiving comments and emails on my travel tips - glad that it's useful :)

I've thought of a few more -

... If you have issues getting over jet-lag, buy a bottle of melatonin from the pharmacy. It helps.

.. Wear easy to slip in and out shoes for the flights especially when you need to go through security checks that require you to take off your shoes. Wear socks if possible unless you want your bare feet to be in contact with the grubby carpets.

... Most security checks require you to take out your laptop for scanning. Pack it such that it is easy to take out and put it back in. Many spend a long time removing scarves, jackets, complicated shoes and unpacking and re-packing items at the security checks. I'm usually very quick. Before I reach the scanners, my laptop is already in my hand ready to place into the plastic container. I don't wear any jackets until after I have passed through customs and security checks as you will be required to remove it for scanning in any case. Don't wear any metal that will set off the alarm.

The travel tips have been updated here.

I just returned from a business trip from Manila. Checked out a few new eating places (which I will share after my Portland travels) which was nice but the thing I don't fancy about Pinoy food is that it is very 'heaty' as everything is deep fried. I either caught bits of B.T's flu bug or on flight and the food and lack of rest made it worse, but I reached home with a very sore throat and fever.

As my marathon race is in a week's time, I'm doing everything that I can to recover as quickly as possible. Here is what might work if you are at the start of a flu bug -

1) Rest. I napped for 3 hours - not exactly good as I don't feel sleepy now -_- But I really needed it in the afternoon.

2) Ginseng and honey - a tip from my Mom. Boil a glass of water and put 3-4 small pieces of ginseng inside. When the water has cooled down, add in Manuka honey (amount depending on how large the glass is). Note, honey should not be placed in boiling water as the heat destroys the beneficial properties. Warm water is fine. Did you know that honey is the only food that never goes bad? It won't have mould on it and can be stored at room temperature. I drank two glasses.

3) Wolfberries and water - I didn't try this yet but will do so tomorrow. Boil water and add in wolfberries. It's meant to help reduce 'heatiness'.

4) Pi pa gao - I took a large tablespoon.

5) Vitamin C/redoxn - Drank up a glass.

6) Very salty water- use warm water and pour in salt. It should be very very salty just like brine. Gurgle it several times throughout the day for a few minutes.

I did all of the above in the last 11 hours (except for number 3) and I'm glad to say that my throat is much better and it doesn't hurt to swallow! Yay! I hope I'll be fine after a day or two. I don't know which was the one that really worked but it might have been a combination. Oh. The vit C is to increase my body resistance to any other viruses.

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Comfort food

Tomato soup from Paradise Bakery in Bridgeport

Just some random pictures from Portland - mainly to play around with my camera at Red Star at The Monacco Hotel. I ordered my usual oats and the rest sampled waffles, beef steak slices and egg benedict which were all given the thumbs up. I stole a few bites of the waffle and it was delicious - crispy on the edges, soft on the inside.

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Ah Wee


Halibut taco

I love a good meal of Mexican food every now and then. It's hard to find real good Mexican food here in Singapore. Whenever I travel to the States, I will attempt to look for good Mexican places - though I usually land up at Chipotle for a quick fix because the boyfriend craves for it -_-

We intended to go to another Mexican place at Hawthorne's which by the way, is my favorite new place for eateries over in Portland. However, the restaurant was closed for a function so we hopped over to Dingo's which was across the street and though it was a random pick, it turned out well.

Food is reasonably priced, around USD$6-USD$12 for each item and it's tasty. They are generous with their servings too so you will be decently filled up. The thing about Mexican food is that it is best to go with a few friends and share so that you can order a variety.

P.S If you visit Portland, most will recommend restaurants in the Pearl District, which are nice but there are many other nicer ones across the bridge at Hawthorne's. I will have one or two more to recommend so stay tune :)

4612 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
OR 97215
+1 (503) 233 3996

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