September 30th, 2010


Personal review on the Sony Nex-5

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you would know that I recently switched from using the Canon G10 to the Sony Nex-5. As I have been getting numerous emails and questions on the camera, I decided to do a personal review once and for all as I got a little tired repeating myself.

I won't be delving into the technical details because firstly, there are many professional review sites out there that do a much better job and secondly, I'm not a tech guru and don't know all the tech specs of my camera. What I will share is my personal experience in using the Nex-5 since I got it about 1.5 months ago for the benefit of those who have been asking

This post will also allow me to easily direct others who wish to know more about the Nex-5, here. So, if you have any questions, please post it here for the benefit of others. If I didn't answer any queries, you can ask here as well.

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