September 29th, 2010

Ally cupcake


The obligatory cupcake picture. From SaintCupcakes.

It's like the ritual for TS and I. We have to get it each time I'm in Portland. And I always always choose Red Velvet.

I want a cupcake now.

And I want my life back! I can't wait for the marathon to be over. I'm probably going to change my mind again after the race itself, but I'm taking a break from marathons next year and will focus on shorter distances instead.

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Traveling bags

Nike Track Tote RX - SGD$109 (my substitute for a headporter bag which I refuse to pay for the material used)/Photo credit

Marc by Marc Jacobs tote - USD$150/Photo credit

I had a couple of questions on the MBMJ bag that I featured in my previous entry - No, I don't own that bag, it costs about USD$140 from Zappos. The items shown were just an example to illustrate what I was talking about in terms of the mentioned products. :)

So what bags do I use for my trips? I try not to bring my leather bags when I travel for a few reasons -

1) I carry around my camera on trips and other travel essentials and a leather bag will add to the weight.

2) I tend to ill-treat my bags when I'm traveling so I'd rather bring along bags that I don't need to fuss over.

3) More compact bags means that if I land up buying a bag(s) on the trip especially when in Hong Kong or Europe, I can check-in the canvas and carry the new bag.

4) My leather bags are fairly large but none are as large as the two above!

Those are the two bags that I carry around for my travels. I used to have a canvas Kate Spade that I used to death and it's kinda faded and dirty. Hoping to give it a good clean when time permits. Reasons why I love these bags -

1) Extremely lightweight and water-proof.

2) Large enough to pack a whole lot of stuff inside.

3) Versatile enough to match most outfits.

4) It's understated and not flashy. I don't want to call attention to myself especially when traveling in SEA.

Do you have a specific bag that you use for traveling?

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A Spanish affair

14's not a crowd

The Spanish themed party was excellent. Everything was home-cooked, loads of wine and sangria (ooh la la) and it was a nice quality time spent with some of my favorite people.

Since I started training, I've been really bad at keeping up with my social life. It's so bad. And I feel guilty to saying 'No' to meet-ups as I do need personal time for myself too. Things will be better once the marathon is over. I'm glad that I made it to my friend's cozy girlie catch-up last night which lasting all the way till midnight! Pictures of her gorgeous duplex and the food and people to follow later.

Anyway, I've digressed and I'll let the photos do the talking for the Spanish party!!

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