September 28th, 2010


Tuesday random ramblings

Random thoughts, verbal diarrhea that needs to be purged. Out. of. my. mind.

... Ballet flats and puddles don't go together. That's one reason why I hate rainy days.

... A trip to Ikea should be in the pipeline soon. A new couch and tea-light candles which we have ran out. The tiny bottles of essentail oils have been idling. Oh. And we've ran out of candles too. I miss the guava-passionfruit candle from UO.

... Calves. I'm contented with my current physique BUT sometimes, I do wish that I had smaller calves.

... Laugh out loud moment. Yesterday evening, my BIL said that his sheepdog Ally, has natural herding instincts and she'll try to herd anything that is white in color and moving. LOL. That means that the Fur Rug won't be able to go over to their house because she will be constantly watched and herded. Or maybe, I should send her there for disciplinary training :P

... I'm obssesed about clealiness and being organized. Got this bag organizer in my half sleepy state on board the last flight. It's pretty nifty. Compact yet it packs my wallet, pouch, sunglasses, and other nic-nacs. Nice!

... After the marathon ends, I shall take out my bikinis and lounge at the beach. Our Sentosa season cards are wasting away. The last time I was at Sentosa was when The Shack was still around.

... Lovin' my new Gap skinnies. I'm planning to get the black cropped pants too. They fit like a dream. I will have to get it online since the stores don't stock petite sizes in 00. It's a good buy and wardrobe staple.

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