September 27th, 2010


The view from the 63rd

After participating in the F1 race in some way or other for two years, we've both concluded that we are done with F1.

I had free tickets the year before valued at a grand or two each but I wasn't around in town to enjoy it. Last year, he had complimentary tickets so we went down to watch and this year, we were invited to an F1 party at the penthouse at The Sail.

We don't follow the drivers or the game so it's boring to us watching the cars go round and round. It was nice being able to experience it but we've decided that it's enough to last us for a lifetime :p

The view from the top was awesome though. The Singapore skyline does look lovely at night. And it's even nicer from the penthouse which by the way, costs a whopping SGD$18,000 to rent per month for the 3,000 sq ft apartment. I can only dream of living there. Mmmmm..

Also, we discovered a good party ice breaker. When a person arrives, get them to sit on a chair and get their companions to help out. Person will need to tilt back his head and open his mouth.

Pour in some apple juice, vodka, squirt in some whipped cream and sprinkle in cinnamon sugar. Swirl the mixture in your mouth and swallow! It tastes like apple pie. I was forced to go through it!

Alternatively, for parties, prepare shot glasses and fill them with the same mixture!

*All photos were taken using my iPhone!

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alldressedup FW10 collection

Photo credit/alldressedup

A mid-day distraction on a gloomy Monday - alldressedup's latest bags and accessories collection. A definite cheer up. I love that dress (not so much the necklace as I think it will look ridiculously big on me) and the accessories.

Me likey. Maybe this will give me a good reason to head downtown. And if you like this type of designs, my friend makes some pretty cool accessories too. Here.

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From summer to fall

MNG long sleeve top, unknown brand jacket from Seoul, f21 denim skirt, Steve Madden suede boots, Uniqlo polka dotted leggings, necklace from Bangkok

I'm a great fan of leggings. Uniqlo striped leggings

Uniqlo heattech black tank, f21 sheer top, Uniqlo jeaggings, Converse skinnies

MNG long sleeves, Nike long tank and leggings, Steve Madden boots

Same outfit as above with the A&F padded vest that I wore outdoors

MNG black long sleeves, f21 striped cardi, Gap polka dot scarf, Steve Madden boots, f21 denim skirt, leggings from Target

The transition from summer to fall is always tricky when it comes to dressing. I usually pack for the coldest and layer layer layer. Since I don't sweat in cold climate, I recycle my items so that I can pack less. I do pack in extra leggings though.

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