September 25th, 2010


Packing tips

I love traveling and exploring out of the little red dot. I have been fortunate to travel regularly for work and B.T and I both love to travel so we do make a few trips out in a year.

I would say that I travel regularly - almost a trip each month but not insane jet-setting on a weekly basis. This year, I have clocked 78,000 miles (till date) and counting and with the regular travels, I have figured out some ways to make packing less painful.

I have been asked for travel packing tips so as promised, here is the requested entry!

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Yamm at the Mira

A buffet dinner is not one would exactly think of going for when in Hong Kong but A's friends recommended this for our dinner meet-up so we just went along with it.

The food spread was pretty decent. If you love fresh lobsters and crabs, it'll be worth it. It's not really cheap - averaged SGD$100 per person but if you go with a really empty stomach, you might be able to eat your fill. The cuisine ranges from Japanese to western to Asian so I enjoyed sliced duck with marmalade, plates of salmon sashimi, roasted juicy beef slices and all kinds of dessert.

Overall, it's a nice place to relax with a group of friends but only if you are willing to pay the price for it. The food is good but I personally feel that it's a bit too pricey.

Meanwhile, we just booked our tickets to Hong Kong for the year end! Whooohooo! Two glorious weeks in Hong Kong :)

P.S Sorry the pictures don't look good as I was too lazy to adjust the flash on my G10.

Yamm at The Mira
118 Nathan Road entrance Kimberley Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
+(852) 2315 5111

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The need for quiet

The thing about traveling, is that it screws up your system and your mind.

Long haul flights, jet-lag, unrestful sleep, long days that usually end up with me having less than 6 hours of sleep and just having my usual routine all jumbled up. I don't get my exercise and I get grumpy and it all adds up.

After two weeks of traveling, I yearn for a quiet quiet weekend where I can do absolutely nothing. Just nothing. But the Saturday didn't quite pan out the way I wanted it to be. So it all snowballs and the end result isn't pretty.

I'm making it a point to make it happen. ONE weekend where I don't need to follow any agenda. No running of errands. It's home-stay. I'm afraid of boredom but there's a difference in staying at home doing nothing except reading my books and magazines or net-surfing in my own quiet zone.

But for now, I am just going to savor whatever precious time I have left, to do what I want to do, just for myself.

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The windy city

Lake Michigan

Kinzie Bridge

Photo credit/J

The itinerary for Chicago is pretty much sorted out. Thanks for all the recommendations. Many many food places to check out and there are some exciting architecture that I can't wait to see. We are looking forward to the trip, the only lowlight is that J won't be around :\ That was one of my key highlight of the trip!

Anyway, those gorgeous pictures above were taken by him when he emailed over some recommendations.

P.S So gonna miss not being able to see you :\ Would have been great to catch-up and tour Chicago through your eyes..

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What I love about Portland

Orange Leaf Frozen yoghurt

Select how much you want, mix up the flavors (I had lychee and cookies and cream!) and add whatever topping you desire. You are charged by weight. This cost USD$2.81!

Fall. Where the colors change from green to yellow to red. My favorite time of the year.

I swear everything looks more beautiful in Fall!

Where the day starts to end earlier

There's always something to photography, something to capture and remember. I love Portland for its serenity, stillness, quiet and many beautiful sights and random food haunts. I visited a few new places on this trip and I can't wait to write about it! Especially the one where I had honey lavender ice cream at!

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