September 24th, 2010


Crackled pink

Metallic crackled sweet flats

Sometimes, I decide what shoes I want to wear and build my outfit around it. Sometimes, it's a bag or accessory.

I fell in love with a crackled silver pair of ballet flats from Kate Spade on one of my trips to the States. Kate Spade shoes are comfortable and I have invested in a pair that I've been really satisfied with. However, I didn't feel that the shoe matched the price tag for this particular design. So I held out. Then I found a similar design at F21 at a mere fraction of the price a day after! It doesn't match up in terms of comfort BUT, it's such a cute design that I had to get it.

I have been eyeing some designer heels but I can't bring myself to buy them because I simply don't wear them as often. But for ballet flats, I don't mind the investment. I torture my feet through running so the best that I can do for them is to pamper them with some good kicks.

Coming up shortly, I'll share a recent discovery on a really good pair of rollables that I purchased not too long ago. It's the rage right now and almost every brand has a version of it. The ones that I found are so comfortable! The best part is that it comes with proper soles but is rollable!

And yes. I've been posting a fair bit on 'fashion'. Fashion inverted commas because I definitely don't see myself as fashionable or stylish. But I've been quite inspired by a couple of iPhone and iPad apps that I've downloaded and purchased recently. It's ironic how I only started to be really interested in fashion after joining a sports company.

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Books for the weekend

The Sartorialist

For a mindless read over the weekend. Not exactly a read as it's all pictures :p I've also decided to get the iPad version of Deluxe by Dana Thomas and save some trees instead of getting the physical copy. It's a very interesting read on the luxury industry.

I'm so glad that it's Friday. I'm looking forward to some quiet time since I spent the last two weekends State side in Oregon. Hmmm let's see what I've in the plans - 13 miler, trips planning, hanging out with friends.. Not exactly 'quiet' I'm afraid!

Hope that everyone is having a brilliant start to the weekend! Ciao!

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A downside of online shopping

It turned out smaller in actual

I almost laughed out loud when I opened my package. The MBMJ yellow bangle turned out exactly the way I wanted it to be - I love the ones from Kate Spade but my tiny wrist doesn't fit any and MBMJ bangles do. But, the MBMJ earrings were hmmm, much smaller than expected. In fact, B.T laughed as well.

So that's a downside about online shopping. The fact that there's always an element of surprise when you receive your stuff. Most of the time, it turns out fine as I usually shop at sites and brands that I'm familiar with the sizing and fit. If it's a new site, I would buy just one or two items to 'test' it out. These earrings were not ugly or anything just tinier than expected. That wouldn't deter me from shopping online though.

Many are still skeptical about online shopping but for me, it's a god-send. I hate battling the crowds and I don't really like shopping here - said the reasons many many times. The times when I do shop at a physical shop is when I'm overseas or in Singapore, it's when I have something really specific in mind.

Future note to self - read all the product specs and dimensions carefully! :P

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