September 11th, 2010


A lovely surprise!

The first flowers that he electronically sent to me!

Gorgeous flowers with an earth friendly packaging - me likey

Close up - with gold words on the petals

The words that filled my heart with love and joy

Someone started knocking on the door late at night. I get anxious whenever it happens. I always think that it's bad news or something. B.T persuaded me to open it.

Then I peeped and saw a man in scruffy berms and tee shouting something. He was carrying a bundle of stuff wrapped in newspapers. I thought he was saying Bak kwa!

I told B.T I didn't want to buy bak kwa so I didn't open the door. Plus, I was wearing my eye masks and jammies - how unglam is that? He sighed and opened the door. Then I heard Song (4) Hua (1)


He says I'm such a goofball. He wanted me to open the door and receive the flowers. Oops.

Anyway, he isn't typically one who goes all romantic with flowers and surprises so this came as a real surprise. They say always ask for what you want and though I'm not huge on flowers as it's expensive, I did tell him that it would be nice to get them once in awhile. And he pretty much outdid himself when I asked for just a few stalks.

The words that he wrote really touched me and I was so happy. Still am. :) He's not a man to express his emotions but what he wrote really touched me and put a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day.

You mean a lot to me too. The world. And yes, to many more anniversaries to come.

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