September 8th, 2010

Terry Fox Run

In the rain

Running in the lunch-time rain. Phenomenal.

It's fun if it's not a heavy downpour with lighting and thunder. My shoes were soaked through but not enough to give me blisters.

And oh. I like that fact that I can tell the customers (at today's meeting) - I am a runner. It is legit to talk about running at work. No one thinks that I am crazy. Well, most don't or they are already resigned to the fact that I am obssessed.

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The perfect gift for (guess who)?

That was the title of the email that came from my director this morning - to my entire team.

The contents were somewhere along the lines of -

In case you're stuck with gift ideas for some members in our team (I shan't name names) this Christmas, this gift is perfect for the recipient and their families and loved ones who will always know where they are .. only for USD$1.99

Oh. And it'll only cost each person USD$0.10.

I guess this is what I get when I have an infamous reputation for having a bad sense of direction. Although the email was for both me and my manager, who quickly stated that mine was worse.

And oh. She tells me that We'll get something for B.T so that he can track me (wherever I am since I always get lost) on his iPhone.


The latest suggestion was to tie a balloon with a very long string so that I can be located wherever I go. IF they want to that is.

What a lovely sparkling team I have.

Now, they are trying to persuade my manager and I to form a team for the Amazing Race together. However, they are predicting that we will only appear in the first episode of the season and will only appear two seasons later.

B.T is laughing his socks off.

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Yard Sale! Nike 6.0 Braata Women's Shoe and more

Nike 6.0 Braata Women's shoe

This Nike 6.0 Braata shoe, which if I recalled correctly, isn't available in Singapore, was bought from the U.S. I wanted a style from this range and bought this design although it wasn't quite 'me'. -_- The Nike 6.0 brand is a special range providing footwear and apparel for the action sports atheletes of surf, snow, ski, BMX, wake and moto. My favorites from this range is this Braata and the Balsa. Anyway, I decided to sell this pair because I would appreciate a solid color option instead.

If you are interested, please contact me - andrea_goh77[at]yahoo[dot]com

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Layers and changing seasons

Urban Outfitters top and boyfriend cardi, Nike leggings and shoes, MBMJ large tote, Tiffany charm bracelet and white Baby G

I love layering and the layered look. It's quite easy to do it for the hot climates - the key is thin fabrics and loose layers. However, I'm not really good when it comes to layering for the Fall or Winter.

Summer came late for most and Fall has just started for some. One of my favorite seasons as it is the most beautiful. The leaves turn a lovely hue of red, orange and yellow and fashion on the runway starts to get more exciting.

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Online shopping and the 'S' word

My friend told me that she is too lazy to shop online. I stared at her in disbelief and said, That's precisely why I shop online! I am simply too lazy to jostle with the crowds and run from shop to shop. But, OMG. Online shopping is dangerous.

I have a couple of items in my favorites' list on various shopping sites but I won't click to checkout yet. I am thinking about it. Think think think. I'm discipline in that way.

On a completely random side note, I need to find a weighing scale soon. I've been told again (and again and again) that I've lost weight. I don't even know what my current weight is so don't ask me!

When my fashion forward (and obsessed) male colleague said to me one morning, Andrea! You look so skinny in this outfit! I went Holy crap. I'm in trouble if you think that I am skinny. You see, he has a very (what we call) warped sense of 'thin' or 'fat'. You really don't want to know what his perception of 'thin' or 'fat' is, let's just say that he only thinks that there's one or two skinny people in the office. -_- And my (obviously) skinny 1.65m tall team mate that hovers around perhaps 43kg on the weighing scales is 'normal' to him. Double -_- I think it was what I wore that threw him off. Note to self, baggy dresses cinched at the waist with a contrasting wide belt is very flattering and can make you look skinnier than usual.

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