August 30th, 2010

bunny ears

A funny start, a funny visit

My back is getting better. Thank gawd.

It's an improvement from Saturday night when I was wincing as I laid down on my back and lying on my right side was too painful. So I spent the night sleeping at some weird angle (on the left), then I felt feverish so I took NyQuil and had a better rest.

I decided to get meds from the clinic to speed up my recovery. The marathon is in 6 weeks time. No time to mess around. I need a fast recovery to get back into training.

Let's see how my Monday started as I headed off to the clinic -

1) I stand behind an old man who decides to stop abruptly at the foot of the escalator, to scratch his b*lls. I'm not kidding. And a queue starts to form behind him waiting for him to move off.

2) I sit next to an old man who decides to let off one of those silent but potent farts.

3) I try to explain to the doctor how I sprained my back uh I think whilst playing darts. He makes me stand up and gets me to stretch and twist, I hear something crack and I yelp. He stares at me as though I am mad when I tell him I need meds for a SPEEDY recovery as my marathon is in 6 weeks time. Then it's my turn to stare at the scrawny doctor in disbelief as he tells me that he understands how I feel as he's a sportsman himself and goes to the gym to lift weights even when his rotator cuff is injured -_- (*thinks to myself. Really? You lift weights? I can't tell).

I am prescribed 3 different types of medication with names that I have never heard of and can't pronounce and they look like some kind of candy - baby blue and white and pale yellow.

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Has it?

Is it just me but I think that the prices at Soup Spoon have increased? The regular soup with iced lemon tea and garlic foccacia cost SGD13.10. It feels as though the portions have been trimmed down as well.

And I really don't fancy eating at places that charge for regular tap water - Sorry we don't serve water here. Bah. I just needed to take my meds!

That's one thing I love about the U.S. Water is served in all restaurants and cafes because it's illegal not to. I was told that if I was running and needed water badly and ran inside a restaurant asking for water, they can not allow me to sit inside but they cannot deny me a cup of water. And if they don't and I collapse outside the restaurant, they'll be liable. The rationale? All human beings deserve the basic need for survival i.e. water.

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