August 29th, 2010


Triple O's, Liberty and Bubbly

Good burger from Triple O's

Scrummy Mac and Cheese at Liberty

A Magnum of bubbly.. for five *burp

I used to travel 8 times yearly to Hong Kong and took it for granted. Perhaps it's truly different when you travel over for work versus leisure. Hong Kong is not only about great food and fabulous shopping but also drinks and clubbing.

LKF is always vibrant and full of life. It feels so different from the night scene here in Singapore and maybe that's why I seldom go out here but in Hong Kong, I really don't mind it. I recalled two years back hanging out at LKF with a couple of friends and it was so much fun.

We checked out a new (for us) local favorite afterwork hangout especially for the bankers. It would be something like Balaclava here in Singapore but a lot more vibrant. For the ladies, if you wish to check out good-looking guys, Liberty Exchange is the place to hang out at. Likewise for the guys who are looking for eye candy. In fact, I felt quite out of place in my plain cotton dress! Well, I was shopping the entire day and definitely not wearing heels and be all dressed up to trot around!

Aside from the eye candy, Liberty serves good food. The truffle fries match those from House at Dempsey! We ordered a platter of ribs that were gigantic! I took a picture of it but it didn't turn out too well and I didn't bother as I was too distracted by the food :P

I think we drank a bit too much that night - getting high over bubbly which is the worse damn thing to drink! And getting random shots at some other bar - all in one night. Urk. At least none of us got too bad of a hangover compared to the wild party last year -_-

Liberty Exchange
2 Exchange Square
8 Connaught Place
Central, Hong Kong
+ (852) 2810 8400

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2am Dessertbar

One lovely Saturday

Ooohh it was a fabulous feast!

I tagged along for a BBQ (of sorts), a small and personal gathering, one, that was a lot of fun. Who knew that I could have such a good time with complete strangers - all except for 3? :)

The house was beautiful, the kids adorable, the stories hilarious. Sometimes I wished that I could have my own place soon so that I can throw small parties (I'm not a fan of big-dos) for close friends and family. All the food served was home-cooked and I tasted one of the best home-made pavlova. Mmmmm.

A lovely lovely Saturday. Now I just hope that my sprained back recovers real soon because it sucks not being able to run and hobbling around like an old woman and wincing each time I lie on my (injured) back.

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