August 28th, 2010


Kelly Moore


Well, that should have been a picture of the coolest and best looking camera bag that I've seen. But it's midnight and when it's that late, I am lazy. I've been posting one entry after another - heh, typing with a vengeance after the short hiatus from this week's hectic work week.

And so, camera bags.

Why are they so goddamn U-G-L-Y?

My previous G10 was housed in a cosmetic pouch. Yes. A freebie from Anna Sui cosmetics. My Nex-5 now sits snuggly (tad too snugged) in a very old Esprit cosmetic bag. I haven't been able to find a nice and I mean, decent looking camera pouch that isn't too chunky looking, masculine and is not a big bag on its own.

Not that I am looking for a camera handbag but these by Kelly Moore made me go Oh Wow. If I wasn't told, I would have mistaken this for a regular handbag. Just looking at all these beauty shots of the bags makes me want to order one right away. But. I don't want a camera bag but a camera pouch. I wish Kelly Moore offered one of those.

Well, if anyone is looking for a camera bag that doesn't look ugly, this might work well for you!

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Washington Monument

I have numerous picture of the Washington Monument taken from various places. You can literally see it from almost everywhere.

It rained when I got there and the tickets to the top was all sold out and I didn't fancy queueing up in the rain so I just admired it from below.

Honestly, the monument is best viewed from afar and one of my favorite viewpoint is at the Lincoln memorial.

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Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting pool and WWII memorial

The Lincoln Memorial with the reflecting pool

The Lincoln Memorial by itself is a small memorial that houses the status of ex President Lincoln with inscriptions on the actual architecture. I was actually more intrigued by what was around it.

The Lincoln Reflecting pool is one of my favorites - the pool water looks a disgusting green to be honest but if you look at it from a distance with all the beautiful monuments in sight, it's quite amazing. I spent a good amount of time trying to capture some shots of the pool and it was really relaxing.

It's a pity I didn't think of visiting any of the sights at night because it looks completely different at night illuminated. If you visit D.C, do keep this in mind.

P.S I went crazy with my camera so there are many many pictures below the cut!

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial

Took this using a self-timer much to the amusement of the park ranger

The FDR Memorial wasn't on my list but after seeing (on the map) that it was close proximity to the Lincoln Memorial area, I decided to walk over to take a look.

It looks small from outside but if you go all the way in, you'll land up at a large open air memorial park. It was inspiring reading all the stone inscriptions.

Further along the way is the Jefferson Memorial. It's a beautiful standalone white building with tall circular columns and if I recall correctly, it sits near the Tidal Basin.

I love how a memorial is built to commemorate each of the Presidents of the United States, that have made a difference to the country and allowing the future generations to visit and learn.

This concludes my travel writings on Washington D.C. If you wish to have a reference of D.C, click here. You can also search on my main site for 'DC'. All my travel entries are tagged 'travels' and 'country that I've visited'.

Next up, will be my adventures in Hong Kong.

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Ap Lei Chau

We landed up at this island outside of Hong Kong because I wanted to visit the Lane Crawford and Miu Miu factory outlet which by the way, is a great for good deals. It's a bit of a hit and miss but my favorite was truly the Miu Miu outlet where I got a decent deal on my Miu Miu shoes.

It was a warm sunny day and we took some random shots. One obvious thing about Hong Kong is the high-rise buildings that are found everywhere. I supposed that's the only solution - to build upwards, when space is limited.

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Run's the word

Ahh yes. Another reason why running is good - no matter when :)

Do you know that forcing your kid to 'finish up their food' even if they aren't hungry is bad for them?

Kids that are obese when young isn't healthy. Adipose tissues do not go away when you get older so chubby kids may be cute when young but it is not always a good thing. Even if the kid loses the weight, the tissues remain and chances of obesity retuning is high. I remembered reading this somewhere.

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