August 20th, 2010

Nike girl run

Going faster with someone

There are many reasons why I run and why I love running so much. Some ask if I run alone or with someone. Both. I like running alone as it gives me personal space and time but I also do enjoy running with a buddy to chit-chat and catch up.

Last night's tempo would not have materialized for me if B.T didn't wait for me to get back after my 12hours stint in the office. By the time I got back and ate a snack, it was close to 10.

A shorter run - I decided. 4miles instead of 6. We ran together - he had a relaxing run whilst I pushed hard to go at his pace. 9:30min/mile was my best. These are the times where I love running with someone faster. It feels liberating though exhausting especially after a long day at work.

I felt heaps better when we reached home. Dinner was late close to 11 but I was de-stressed and ready for the next day.

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