August 10th, 2010


Polka dots for the rain

With the unpredictable weather and constant rainfall that Singapore has been experiencing lately, I've made it a point to carry a brolly in my bag. I don't like carrying one but neither do I want to get caught in the rain and fall sick.

Glad that I remembered to chuck this new polka dot brolly, that my sis got from Japan for me, as it started to rain on my way to the office this morning.

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The National Day long weekend!

My reward after a weekend of training!

Singapore turned 45 yesterday and that meant that we had a lovely long weekend :) Yay! It was nice seeing all the cars proudly displaying a tiny flag above the window. B.T was quite impressed when I started playing some of the songs sung by our homegrown artistes like Kit Chan and Corrinne May. My favorite National Day song is still the one that is sung by Kit Chan, titled 'Home'. Simply love it!

Aside from a nice 3 day break and loads of excercising (we did two classes of hot yoga, clocked in 19 miles of running) and had some good chomps.

First, we made reservations at Tatsuya for the 'break-the-budget' dinner :P It was a long overdue celebration so it was not something that we decided on the whim! At SGD$200++ per person for the Omakase, it's not something that we will do very often so we ensured that we enjoyed every moment of it :P And yes, I took a picture of every single thing that we had - well almost, not the green tea.

Yesterday, after yoga, we swung by House for some yummy truffle fries. We over-did on the truffle though because we not only had an order of truffle fries, but eh a truffled mushroom skinny pizza -_-

I love love love the truffle fries at House. I think it's one of the best in Singers so far (or from what I know). The sweet potato sugar coated fries are good too. The skinny pizzas definitely got the thumbs up and it was a pity that we didn't have space for dessert because the sticky toffee cake looked soooo good.

Hope that everyone had a swell weekend - I definitely did :)

80 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672
+65 6475 7787

Tatsuya Japanese Restaurant
22 Scotts Road
Goodwood Park Hotel
+65 6887 4598

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My iPhone takes great pictures too!

Dom came all the way down to meet me for lunch and it was a nice catch-up! Finally, we get to meet up huh?

Anyway, I was demonstrating to a rather amused Dom on the "cool" pictures that my iPhone can take. It's quite funny to tell a professional photographer- Hey! My iPhone takes good shots too!! Heh.

Thanks for the camera loan ;) catch up with you again whenever you're uh in town!

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