August 8th, 2010


Neti pot

The neti pot

Video demonstration

B.T's good friend has a bad case of snoring so his fiancee asked him to try out the Neti Pot procedure. He did and now he doesn't snore anymore. B.T asked me to try it out as it apparently helps clears sinus blockage and allergies. I was a bit reluctant till I read up more about it and decided to try it out.

I got our Neti-pot and saline salts from the U.S but I believe you can get it from any pharmacy here. This is how it works, the irrigation method clears out the mucous and nasal blockage and if you do it regularly (recommended once or twice daily), there will be no nasal blockage which means, no more runny noses or sneezing and snoring. Also, for those that get headaches often and recently, when I had a ear and nose infection after my D.C trip, I noticed a pain in my upper teeth which is a symptom of sinusitis.

My main concern was whether it would hurt because when water goes up your nose, it hurts. The trick is to use saline or salt water. So you boil water, use it only when it is lukewarm. We boiled it (important to kill any bacteria and sanitize the water) and allowed it to cool to room temperature. You can try lukewarm which is recommended but be careful not to burn your nose!

Mix in the saline pre-mix packet. You must use a saline or salt solution. I would recommend using the actual saline mixes though it is said that normal salt will do but the amount used might not be accurate and too much or too little salt can cause discomfort. Mix the solution properly, cap the neti pot and tilt your head and start pouring slowly into the upper nostril. For the first time, it will feel really weird. The water will fill up with very slight pressure but it doesn't hurt. Keep your mouth open and breathe through your mouth. Shortly after, the water will come out the other nostril. Stop, blow out your nose but don't plug your nose as it might cause pressure in your ears. Repeat on the other side,

Anyway, I just tried it and my nose feels a lot clearer. My left nose was definitely more clogged up as the water didn't stream out as smoothly as the right. When I wrote about my recent hives attack, I had a number of readers writing to me either giving me some solutions or asking me on how I deal with my allergies. I realized many have similar allergies issues too! So I am sharing this and hopefully it would help all of us!

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I forgot how good it feels after a session of hot yoga.

It was good to be back after a 2 months hiatus. An easy 60 minutes hot classic class that was focused on stretching my really tight muscles. And boy are my hamstrings tight(er).

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with Lynn at The Line

The official wedding photos!

My beautiful sister

The photos are out and the family spent some time looking through them. I love the black and white shots that Dominic did and the many happy moments captured. I shan't say much, just enjoy the photos. These were just some of my favorites! I only wanted to post about 10 but it was hard to choose :P

I might sound biased saying this because Dom's a friend of mine, but he is really professional and my family was very impressed with him. In fact my Dad was introducing him to our relatives and friends and saying that he's one of the best photographer that he has met. :) My sis and brother-in-law were very happy with the results.

All photos displayed here are photographed by Dominic Khoo

As photos were uploaded to Photobucket and reduced in size, resolution might be affected.

For all my readers, Dominic is kindly offering a special 10% discount off his usual rate! Just quote "ANDREA GOH". For this offer to be valid, booking needs to be made before 31 December 2010. Terms and conditions apply.

For more details, contact Dominic -

Self-taught, award winning photographer, Dominic Khoo, is touted as a "creative genius on a roll" by Sony Style and named by Agency Asia as one of the very best in the world. He achieved his Masters Photographer's Association (UK) accreditation under two categories of avant-garde portraits and journalism - becoming the first professional photographer to ever qualify for two categories simultaneously. He has won multiple awards including both the 1st and 2nd prize in the MPA Press/PR Photographer of the Year competition.

Dominic has been engaged to shoot for international brands including Hermes, Mont Blanc, Hewelett Packard, SKII, just to name a few, and has taken pictures of celebrities including the wedding of local actress Michelle Chia and May Wan and has worked with actors including Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett, The Black Eyed Peas, Rain and more. (In fact whenever we attempt to meet up and he has to cancel, I'll tease him and say, "Well, you have an appointment with The Black Eyed Peas and I can't rival that? :P"

He is fully sponsored by Nikon, has launched multiple exhibitions, one that was recently held in Singapore and the rest around the world, has been featured in numerous media publications and is also involved in charity. If you recalled, I posted about the PURE exhibition that he did a few years back. He is also personally appointed to H.R.H Prince Hakeem Jefri of Brunei Darussalam.

~information extracted from Dominic's website.

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