August 3rd, 2010


The run after Insanity

Did I mention about the Insanity plyo workout that I did yesterday evening?

Well, my leg muscles constantly remind me of last night's training with each running step!

It was a painful 8 miles where I landed up walking for parts of it. I just refused to give up and shorten the run. You can't just give up when the going gets tough right? Of course, I would have stopped if I was feeling ill.

I'm currently not feeling very optimistic about my running right now though my official results for the Shape Run came in at 56:15. A minute and a half faster than my last PB. But I guess we all have our lousy run days and I'm sure I'll bounce right back tomorrow!

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Suede black

Gifted silver tear drop danglys, Old Navy grey tee, f21 jeggings, Steve Madden black suede pumps, denim blue Miu Miu, white Baby-G watch

My outfit created a ruckus in the office today. No. It was actually the heels. The fact that Andrea was wearing heels. So for the entire day, it went like that -

OMG! Andrea is in heels!!! Can you wear it more often? You look really nice!

You are in HEELS!! What's the occasion?!

Andrea is in heels! I can now see you walking past - i.e. I'm short without heels and can hardly be seen.

Annnndreeea! You are wearing heeeels!!!


It's not the first time that I wearing heels!! I'm sure if my bosses were around today, I would have gotten a few more comments.

So whether I was at the photocopying machine or walking to the bathroom or just walking back to my desk, I got stopped. Ok guys. Remember, I did wear heels practicing for my sis' wedding riight?

Anyway. I'm pleased with my suede pumps from Steve Madden. I've been looking all over for this and wanted it as it goes with everything from jeans to leggings to rompers to shorts and dresses.

It's not a unique style of shoe BUT I was specific in what I wanted. Had to be less than 3 inches- this is like 2.5, has to be slightly pointed in the front but not too pointy, has to have a reasonably thick and stable heel, has to be comfy the moment I wear it. You have no idea how many shoe shops all over I've been searching for! From online stores to shops in Melbourne, KL, the US, Manila. The heels were mostly crazy high or not the right shape.

I'm also glad that I found the perfect patent beige low pumps. The ones that make my legs look longer :p

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